Thursday, November 17, 2016

I mowed that damn lawn

Damian is a Senior in high school.  I don't know if you all knew that, but he is.  I cannot even begin to tell you how strange and sad it is to me to have him be so old.  Tomorrow is the deadline for baby pictures in the school yearbook.  I have a million pictures that are stuck on a computer that doesn't work anymore.  Thank goodness for Facebook, because I can easily access those pictures.  And for Damian's first 2 years of life I took real, non-digital pictures and I have those.  So there's a time frame of 4 years or so that I don't have pictures handy.  =(  Anyway, I spent this morning going through Facebook pictures, and now I'm sad.

As you're living your life, you don't notice the changes so much.  But once you start looking through old pictures, you see how much time has gotten away from you.

I've mentioned it before, and it's in my "About Me" tab, but Chris and I were separated and divorced for several years.  During that time I was a single mom.  Damian was all I had.  Honestly, there were many, many times where I felt that Damian was the only thing that kept me going forward.  He was everything to me.  Maybe too much to put on a kid, but it's true.  Because of the 6 years that it was just Damian and me, we have a special bond.

There are still days, 9 years later, that I miss those days.  That time.  I sometimes even wish it was still him and I against the world.  It's probably not fair to Chris or Maddox to say that, but it's the truth.  Damian and I were a team and I miss that.

Today was supposed to be spin class day.  My sister and I are still looking for a new spin instructor that we like.  The problem is, everytime we plan to go to the only female instructor, who is on Thursdays, she has a substitute.  Today is no exception.  Nancy isn't feeling very well, so we decided to skip it.  Which means I need to go run.

Did I mention that we went to eastern Washington last weekend and went to a wine tasting?  Nancy, our older sister, Barbara, and I were going to go.  Barbara backed out at the last min, which we kinda expected, but Nancy and I went.  We had a lot of fun.  But we drank too much wine.  Like ridiculous amounts.  It was not good the next day.  It was awful.  The last time I had a hangover that bad was my brother-in-law's wedding 2 years ago, but that one was much, much worse.  We did take some fun drunk pictures.  (Don't tell Nancy I put these up, they were from Snapchat and she only allowed me to take them because Snapchat goes away.  I didn't tell her I saved a couple, well, most of them.)

Damian and Maddox went with us to the Tri-Cities (where the wine tasting was) and then hung out with their uncle (the one I mentioned I drank a lot at his wedding).  They don't see him very often so it was nice for them to spend some time with him.  Then Damian drove us home.

Before we went to the wine tasting I offered to mow my parents' lawn.  They have a very large yard and my dad has trouble keeping it up the older he gets.  The grass was really long, so I offered.  I spent 3 hours on the lawn mower and Damian finished it in another hour. 
Funny story, I decided to mow the lawn, so I went to ask my dad about it because I haven't used his lawn mower in 20 years (and honestly, it's probably a different one).  Anyway, he was laying down, so I enlisted Nancy's help to figure it out because she said she mowed it over the summer.  Well, for whatever reason, we couldn't get it to start, so we figured it was out of gas.  We decided to push it to the gas tank (they live on a farm, so they have their own pump, remind me to tell you of the first time I got gas at a station).  The stupid thing wouldn't roll backwards out of the garage, so we decided there was enough room to push it forward in a big uturn.  We were wrong.  It got wedged against a truck, so we had to figure out how to get it to go backwards.  The back wheels wouldn't turn, so we ended up picking up the back of the mower and swinging it around.

We finally got it out of the garage and Nancy decided she should go get the keys to the gas tank (they had someone stealing gas for a while, so they locked up the pump handle).  Well, while she was inside I got the mower to start.  So I drove it over to the pump, and it died right as we got it there.  We start putting gas in it, and suddenly the gas isn't running.  So we figured the tank was out (it happens, rarely, but it does).  We looked for kinks in the hose, we tried different angles, wouldn't work.  We figured we got enough gas in it to get it back to the garage, but then the dumb thing wouldn't start again.  Finally we gave up.  We decided we'd just wait for my dad to get up and tell him we broke his lawn mower. 

When my dad got up I told him what was going on, so he went out to look at it and I followed.  (This where my sister and I start to look like fools.)  My dad started to put gas in it, it worked just fine.  He said it probably kinked up close to the handle, where we didn't look, or pay attention to.  Then he started it.  One turn. Started right up.  Apparently, riding lawn mowers have "chokes" and if you don't push that up, it won't turn on.  The one time I did get it to start I must have had it just barely up to start it, but I thought it was the speed, so when I got to the gas pump, I lowered it, and it died.  *sigh*

So my dad tells me that when he mows the lawn, and when it's as high as it was, he lowers the blades only one notch, and he shows me that (that was one thing I actually knew).  So I start to mow, but the grass isn't getting cut.  So I go back, lower the blades more, and start again.  Nope, still not cutting. *ugh*  Go look for my dad, but he's missing, so Nancy comes out, and Barbara's boyfriend . . . they're looking at the lawn mower and the boyfriend says "did you start the blades?"  No, I wasn't told I needed to do that. 

Finally my dad comes over and shows me the handle that starts the blades.  *sigh*  How was I supposed to know?  It took awhile to get started, but I mowed that damn lawn.  =)

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  1. Your lawn mowing adventures made me giggle this would have been me!!!