Friday, September 23, 2016

Fragmented sentences

I have started running again.  Last week I ran 4 times.  They are slow, short runs, but they are still runs.  =)  I'm going about 3 miles and am running about 10 and a half min/mile or slower.  Sunday I ran 4 miles and it was a little faster because I did a flatter route.  I am still going to the gym as well.  Last week I skipped a swim because it was the day after I got my hair colored and my hair dresser thought it would be a good idea.  But I went and did 30 min of the elliptical machine.  I also skipped cycle class last week because of my hair appt but I went again this week. 

Tuesday I went did the elliptical machine and then went home and ran.  I was going to swim but I originally thought I was going during lunch and I had court (for work) and didn't want to do my hair completely again. But a meeting was moved and I didn't have time anyway.  Instead I went after court and then went straight home and ran. Wednesday I did the cycle class, and yesterday I did some weights. 

I haven't been sleeping very well and was so tired on Wednesday that I almost didn't do the cycle class, but my sister was going, so I forced myself to go.  Wednesday evening is kind of a blur because I was so tired, but I'm pretty sure I went home, ate, took a bath and went to bed.  Yesterday I woke up and felt awful.  Completely stuffed up with a sore throat.  But in order to get reimbursed for the gym I have to go 12 times in a month, that is 3 times a week, but I skipped a day last week so I had to go 4 times this week (well, I could have done 4 times next week, but wanted to get it over with).  So even though I felt awful I still went to the gym, but I did 20 min of weights. 

I think adding weight lifting to my routine would be a good thing.  I've thought that for a long time, but haven't had a gym membership.  Now that I have one, I've been pretty intimidated by it.  I don't know what I'm doing and can't afford a trainer.  So I've avoided it.  Yesterday I googled "weight machine workouts" and found a pretty decent website, so I did day one of that.  It's a 12 week plan, but I'm not really following it, just the weightlifting stuff.  We'll see how I do.  It was pretty weird doing the weights, and I felt like everyone there was watching me, but they probably weren't.  The next day on that schedule was supposed to be today, but I didn't go.  And it includes bench presses, and that really, really intimidates me.  I don't know if I'll be able to get over that one to do it.  I wish I had a work out partner.  My sister would never do it with me.  =/

My ankle is doing surprisingly well.  I haven't noticed any problems with my increase in running.  I ran both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, and it's holding up pretty well.  I wore heels 2 days in a row with no problems.  =)  Today was going to be a rest day, but I took one yesterday (if you don't count the weights) and would like to run, so I may go for a run today.

On Sunday and Tuesday Maddox ran around the block with me after I got back from my runs.  I think when he asks if he can go running with me,though, he's really just wanting to get in the jogging stroller and have me push him to the park.  But he's really getting too big for the stroller.  Or I'm too weak and don't want to push him up the gradual hill to the park.  ; )

A week and half ago I got Damian to run 3 miles with me.  We've been talking about him doing more exercise since he's not in sports right now, but wants to do track in the spring.  However, that day was the only day I got him to run.  It was fun, but I think he's faster than me, even in his out of shape-ness. 
I went to the gym 4 times this week, if I run tonight and tomorrow, that's only yesterday as a day off from cardio . . . I don't know, I should probably rest.  It does feel nice to be a little sore and to be active again.  I have missed it.

I've also noticed that I'm feeling less self-conscious about my body.  I haven't lost much weight (2lbs in 2 weeks) but being active makes me feel better about myself.  Of course it also helps to have someone tell me regularly he likes my body, but that's besides the point.  ; )

Anyway, it's late on Friday so I should finish this up.  Especially since I started it on Tuesday, which is probably why there's so many fragmented sentences and random thoughts.  =)

I didn't even talk about Damian's 18th birthday or my trip to Leavenworth with my sister.  I've been too over-consumed with myself.  =/

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  1. I've seen your runs come across mapmyfitness!!! I was excited to see the switch from all swimming and non weight bearing exercise to some runs!!!!