Friday, December 9, 2016

Speaking of gymrats....

People I see at the gym pretty much every day I go:

very skinny, tall Asian guy, but also very muscular
He's super skinny and tall, but I noticed recently that he has huge arm muscles.  He looks kinda mean, but he has started smiling when he sees me, so maybe he's just focused.

short older guy who is also very muscularly big
He's got striking blue eyes.  He often catches my eye and smiles, I'm pretty sure he's shorter than me and about 15 years older (maybe more).  For awhile I thought maybe he was a trainer there, which I'm still not sure he's not, but yesterday he looked like he was carrying around a notebook with his workouts in it.

really nice, but slightly strange stretching guy
He has actually talked to me.  The first time he talked to me it was a strange conversation and I walked away wondering if he was hitting on me, or just super lonely.  Now he says "hi lady" every time I see him (probably doesn't remember my name) and sometimes we chat for a moment, sometimes we don't.  I see him chatting with others as well, so he may just be super friendly. 

bigger Asian girl, who is super serious about weightlifting
She is serious about lifting.  She carries around her milk jug of water, and lifts very heavy.  She has recently started making eye contact with me as well, and smiles.  If I'm intimidated by anyone, it's her.  She looks like an everyday, slightly chubby girl, but she obviously knows what she's doing in the gym and is serious about it. 

cute 20-something couple
It took me awhile to realize they were a couple.  The girl has the perfect outfit, perfect hair, perfect makeup.  The guy is not as "perfect" but still goodlooking.  They often share their machines, but then will go separate ways.  The first couple times I saw them, I thought they were meeting for the first time and were flirting, but I think they come and leave together. Perfectly, of course.

older couple
They are also a cute couple, but are older than the above couple, probably older than me.  I don't think I've ever seen them on the machines, they are usually spotting each other.  I don't see them every day, and sometimes I see them separately.

very tan and muscular girl
I never see her working out, but she obviously does.  She's is very built.  She seems very nice, she's very social and talks with all the other serious weight lifters there.  She is the epitome of the what girls say they don't want to look like so they don't lift weights so they don't get "big." 

girl with my hair
I don't know what she does at the gym, I only see her as I get there and she is in the locker room getting ready to leave, blow drying her hair and dressing.  She's got the exact purple streak her hair in the same spot as me, although her hair is longer.

cute girl with perfect hair and makeup
I see her on the step machine, and I used to see her in the lifting area, but haven't lately.  She is friendly with the bigger Asian girl.  I've seen them chatting while lifting weights. I see her in the locker room doing her hair and makeup.

redhaired guy
I see him, haven't formed much of an opinion.  He works out. That's about all I have seen.

I wonder what the others think of me.

in and out girl
She isn't serious, lifts lightly, bad form, and is only there 30 min or less.  She barely sweats and practically sprints out of the gym.  ; ) Her makeup isn't even screwed up most of the time.  She's always on her phone (in my defense, that's where I have my workout for the day, so I'm looking at my phone to see what I'm doing next). 

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