Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Half marathon

I have about 5 min to type this, so it's going to be short . . .

I was hoping to be running ready to train for the "Last Chance Marathon" here on December 31st.  I'm not, or wasn't ready to start in time, so I've been a little bummed.  I really want to work on getting my mileage back up because I like the longer runs vs. the shorter ones. 

Today I got an email from the Nookachamps winter Runs, which I've done the 5k 2 times now.  In 2014 I got 3rd place for my age group.  Well, I forgot they also do a 10k and a half marathon.  As soon as I saw that email I decided I'm doing the half.  Now I'm excited. =)

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  1. Woohoo!!!! How perfect to get you back into the long runs!!!!