Thursday, January 2, 2014

One last Christmas celebration and a look at 2013's running stats

Well, just like the whole of December, it ended in being busy, busy, busy.  Over the weekend we had to go shopping (again) for my family's Christmas celebration.  We bought all their presents and the food we were supposed to take.  I made another round of pies on Sunday (thankfully the fudge was already done). 

I could not think what to get my parents for Christmas this year.  The last few years I've had really great ideas, but this year I had nothing.  So Tuesday (we were doing our Christmas celebration on Wednesday because we all had the day off) I had Chris make salt dough while I was at work and then when I came home for lunch I helped Damian and Maddox make handprints in the dough for them.  It seems so cheesy, especially since Damian is 15, but I seriously couldn't think of a thing.  They cooked and then when I got home after work, we painted them.

We spent that evening tidying up the house because we thought my sister and her family were going to be staying with us.  Well, it turned out that they only had Wednesday and Thursday off, and they were coming from eastern WA (we celebrated Christmas at my sister in Lynnwood's {just north of Seattle} house) but they had to leave the next day.  Since my house is another hour north, they decided that they didn't want to add 2 hours to their travel time and stayed in Lynnwood. 

Tuesday was New Year's Eve (as if you didn't know) and we had been invited to a friend of a friend's house.  We went there and had a good time.  We only knew our friend, but it wasn't a big party and it was lots of fun.  I definitely drank too much, and that combined with the busyness of my last few weeks and my lack of sleep from the cat attack on Sunday night/Monday morning (which I wasn't caught up on yet) I got kinda loopy.  Thankfully I wasn't sooo loopy that I was dancing on the tables or anything.  =)  Although, as soon as the clock hit 12, and we did the customary toasts (with sparkling cider, which I thought odd) I was ready to go.  Sadly I had to wait another hour before we actually got out of the house and headed home.  Luckily it wasn't too far from my house and I was in bed by about 1:30am. 

But . . . we had to get up and go to my sister's house by 9am 10am  10:30am.  I was planning on going for a run before we left, but I was too hungover and way too exhausted.  I am a little bummed that I didn't make it out for a run, but honestly, there was no way.  It would have been the worst run ever.  I had a fleeting thought that I would run after the festivities, but that didn't happen either.

Nancy and her husband got ribs for dinner (we were all turkey and ham-ed out) and it was really fabulous.  We opened presents, which in my family is definitely a free-for-all.  And then just hung out.  Nancy, my Mom, and I went for a very slow walk, and then my Mom went back to the house and Nancy and I walked faster.  After that we played Apples to Apples (again) and generally just had a really good day visiting. 

We got home about 8:30, and I sat on the couch and almost fell asleep, so I went to bed about 9pm.  Sadly, today I had to work.  I did get a 5 mile run after work, and I still love my shoes.  I am super happy with them.

Some statistics (bear with me, I'm not a numbers girl)

In 2012 I started running.  I ran 2 races and walked one
Tulip Run (Walk) 5 miles
Have a Heart 5k
Fowl Fun Run 10K
I ran 607.85 miles, which is an average of 50.65 miles a month.  My lowest mileage was January (0) and my highest mileage was June (74.83).
I lost 19 pounds.

I increased everything in 2013, except weight loss.
I ran 4 races, including 2 half marathons and walked one.
Runs for Cookies virtual 5K
Bloomsday (walk) 12K
Run for your Mum 5K (PR 24:11)
Berry Dairy Days half marathon
Skagit Flats half marathon (PR 1:59:47)
I ran 822.21 miles, which is an average of 68.52 miles a month, 377.79 miles short of my goal of 1200 miles. (Damn foot) =( My lowest mileage was October (26.48) and my highest mileage was April (116.06).
I only lost 8 lbs. 

I did not run any 10k's in 2013.  I wanted to run the Fowl Fun Run 10K again and PR, but with my foot issues, I did not. 

In 2014 I would like to run more races.  I definitely want to do a 10k and PR.  And I want to run a full marathon (which I find incredulous).  I'll probably do one or more half marathons and I would really, really like to run 100 miles a month.  However, with my foot still bothering me, and my physical therapist telling me not to increase my mileage . . . I don't know if I'll be able to get 100 miles in January, and maybe not February.  =(

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