Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gymnastics meet and getting lost

Last Thursday I went for a new run.  I normally use mapmyrun.com on my phone to tell me my distance and pace.  However, it automatically updated about 2 weeks ago and it hadn't worked since.  When I got home from work I mapped out a new route to determine how far to go, I decided on 6 miles, and the route I was taking was fairly flat, some minor declines and inclines, but nothing major.  It was an out and back route on a fairly busy road, so I was okay with it.  Those "minor" declines and inclines are killers though.  I felt tired for most of the run, and just when I was feeling better from doing downhill, the slope would go back uphill.  It wasn't horrible, but I definitely prefer to run a big hill and get it out of the way and then have a nice downhill run for awhile. 

The sunset during my run.
I am so thankful this was a 3 day weekend for me.  On Friday my work threw a "Winterfest" party.  I normally get off work at 1pm on Fridays, but because of the party, I wasn't going to get off until 4pm.  Fridays are one of my "guaranteed" run outside days because I get off so early.  I have to wait for Damian to get home from school, around 2:30 or 3, but I'm always able to run.  I was rather bummed that I was going to have to run on the treadmill, but I needed to run, so I decided that the treadmill would have to do. 

However, my party got done a little early.  I was driving home and I was thinking, I can definitely make it before it gets dark, the sun doesn't set now till 4:45 or so and that will give me lots of time.  I completely forgot that I had to go pick up Maddox.  But I thought, that's okay, as long as I get home by 4:15, I can still run . . . well, 4:15 came and went, so I started thinking, well, just because the sun goes down doesn't mean it's automatically dark, I could probably get a run in as long as I'm home and out the door by 4:30.  Well, I was a little after 4:30, but I was determined to run outside.  The treadmill was a distant memory and my focus was getting outside.  =)  I ended up only running 4 miles, but I was okay with that, at least I ran.

Saturday Damian had a gymnastics meet on Bainbridge Island.  I know you all don't know where that is, but it's about an hour and a half drive to the ferry in Seattle, and then a 35-45 min ferry ride, which costs $21, and then we had to find the school where it was.  I was so glad we were early.  I used to work in Seattle, I used to know Seattle, especially Pioneer Square area pretty well.  I used to take the bus there everyday and then I'd walk several blocks to my office.  I was then moved to a Belltown office and I used to walk to my old office regularly, which was a pretty long walk.  Needless to say, I used to know Seattle, at least those parts of Seattle, fairly well.  However, I never drove through Seattle, and that was about 5 years ago (not that Seattle has changed that much, especially the roads, but my memory gets hazy). 

Anyway, I knew the general area of where the ferry was, and had my directions and was fairly confident.  Problem was, I missed the road I was supposed to turn on and ended up next to Century Link field (you know, where the Seahawks play). I was really glad the game was on Sunday because I totally would have missed the ferry if I had gotten stuck in game day traffic.  Anyway, I was able to make my way towards where I thought I should be (passing my old job in the process, I really liked that job) and got to the right street . . . and lucky me, there was construction and I couldn't go where my directions were telling me to go.  I kinda made my way in the correct direction and was able to find signs for the ferry.  Even with our little detour, we were still about 30 min or so early for the ferry.  I was very happy though that I had given us lots of time.
pictures from the ferry
 Once we got off the ferry, I followed the directions to the school, and wouldn't you know, they were wrong.  I'm not kidding, Google was completely wrong.  It told me to turn right, which was not right.  When we hit a dead end, in a residential area with no schools at all, I turned around and decided to drive until we found a school.  We passed 3, and no signs at all at any of them.  I finally decided we had gone too far and set up my phone to give us directions, and wouldn't you know, they told me to go to the same place (that was wrong).  Luckily, as we were passing one of the schools there was a lady setting up signs for the meet.  I thought they should have set them up much earlier, at least about the time the ferry was supposed to arrive, for all us poor fools who didn't know where we were going and had gotten the early ferry. 

Anyway, Damian did fantastic at his meet.  He did the best he ever has.  We tallied up his points and thought he had a chance at first place for his age group.  They called out the places, starting with 10, by the time we were at 3rd place, Damian and I were giving each other looks and crossing our fingers.  His name was called for 2nd place, and we both shrugged, but we were happy.  I think 2nd place is fantastic.  =)  And he was thrilled.

I was going to talk about my weekend runs as well, but this turned out to be a much longer post than I had planned, so I guess I will save them for another day.  It's not that exciting, but this blog is "supposed" to be mainly about running, so I'll at least mention them.  =) 

I hope you all had a great weekend, even if it wasn't a 3 day weekend for you.  My weekend was great, Damian got 2nd place at his meet and the Seahawks won.  =) 

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