Monday, January 27, 2014

Running in Kauai

This weekend was a pretty good weekend.  I didn't have to go anywhere and I had nothing on my schedule to do . . . well, other than hang out with my sister who came up from Lynnwood (45 min away) to see me.  It was very nice to have a relaxing weekend.

Because of the busyness my life has been lately, I have been thinking that I would not reach the 100 mile mark for January.  I have been a little disappointed about it, but I have been determined to get as many miles in as I can for these last two weeks of January.  So last week, for the first time in a long time, I ran 5 days a week.  On Saturday after my 6 mile run, I had 75 miles for the month, and 28.9 miles for the week, which is the most miles I've had in a week since the first week in September, and only 1 mile less than my highest ever weekly mileage in August. 

Anyway, on Sunday I was going to run 8 miles to try to get my monthly mileage as high as I can.  While I was running I was adding up the miles in my head to see how close I would be to 100 miles.  83 miles after the run I was doing right then, 5 miles on Tuesday, 5 miles on Wednesday, and 5 miles on Friday . . . which puts me at 98 miles.  Ugh!  I need my rest days to let my foot have a break after these high mileage weeks, so I knew I couldn't tack on extra days of running.  I just ran 3 days in a row (19 miles in 3 days), so Monday needs to be a rest day.  Then two more days and I need to rest on Thursday, because the weekend will be another 3 days in a row.  Suddenly, I had a thought, there are all sorts of people that do "run streaks" where they run a mile a day for however long.  Why can't I do a one week run streak?  =)  That would put me right at 100 miles.  One mile on Monday, and one mile on Thursday.  So, this 100 mile thing, might actually work. 

Now I need to figure out February's running schedule, it's a short month and I'm going to be gone two weekends.  That's five 5 mile runs a week, totally doable, I hope.

We are planning a trip to Hawaii in 2015.  One of my sisters, her husband, my parents, and my family are all planning this trip (my other sisters can't afford it).  My sister, Nancy, goes regularly with her husband (almost once a year, no less than every other year), I have never been.  Anyway, somewhere in all the planning of going, I thought that it would be really cool to do a race in Hawaii.  So I started looking for races on Kauai, which is where we are going to stay. I didn't find much, there is one at the end of August/beginning of September (possibly a Labor Day race) that is a marathon/half marathon, and there is one at the beginning of June.  The Labor Day one doesn't work for my sister's work schedule and the June one doesn't work with school for Damian.  I am pretty bummed that I can't find anything (if any of you know of one in the mid to end of June, that would be awesome).  I didn't even know racing in Hawaii was on my bucket list until I thought about it, and now I won't be able to do it (at least not this first trip there). 
What a beautiful place
It was the same way for our trip to Disneyland.  I didn't even know they held races in the park until after we had already scheduled (and paid for) our trip.  By then it was too late to try to do one.  So that bucket list race, that I didn't know I had, is still there.

In February we are going to Long Beach, WA for the 3 day weekend.  My family, all 3 sisters and parents, like to do something that weekend every year.  We've been doing these family vacations for about 12 years or so now (we skipped last year though because of our trip to Disneyland).  Anyway, I need to google the address of the house we are renting so that I can look at where I can run in that area.  Running on the beach has always held interest for me, however, running in the sand is HARD!  And February is a cold month, so I doubt I will do much running on the beach.


  1. In Oct I was on the big island the week before Ironman. I got to run every morning with athletes who were training- very humbling! But there was a local 5k race I participated in. My only souvenir from the trip was my race shirt- I was so proud that I didn't take a vacation break from my workouts. I really hope you can find a race- even if its just a 5k. I'm from Renton- so I'm not used to running in the humidity- so be prepared for that. I ran every morning right when the sun was coming up.

    1. I found a lot of races on the Big Island, but we aren't going anywhere other than Kauai. So, sadly, I don't think I'll be racing there.
      I have heard about the humidity, and I'm not looking forward to that. =(

  2. Look up the Long Beach Discovery Trail... You can run for miles parallel to the beach without actually running on the sand. (I haven't actually run on it, as I haven't been t Long Beach for years, but it looks great!)

    1. That sounds awesome! Thanks Kristin!