Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I wrote all of this yesterday, but didn't post it.  So act like it is still Monday and read it as if I didn't wait a day.  =)

I am literally reeling from all the stuff that has happened since Wednesday.  #1-Friday morning I saw 145.8 on the scale.  =)  And then I went to Portland on Saturday.  But let me back up, some of my news has to be boiled down and framed as nicely as possible, just because this is a public blog and I won't bad-mouth some of the players in my life.

I will say that I found out about 15 min before leaving my work on Thursday that I was going to be losing my job in the very near, undetermined future.  I work under a county contract, and that contract was given to a different agency.  It is a very, very screwed up situation.  I will say, that the way I found out was through an email from an outside source saying how much she would miss working with me and my coworker and how she realizes it is a necessity to work with different agencies, but my coworker and I are so caring and she knows we will be professional in the transition of moving our clients to a new agency.  We had not heard from our supervisors that the contract was being taken away.  In fact, our direct supervisor hadn't heard anything at all.

This contract has been in question since last fall, they extended it in January (when the contract was up) to June.  And the way they went about the whole thing has had pretty much everyone in our agency thinking that they were giving the other agency time to get things together so they could give the contract to them.  Anyway, I had a chat with my supervisors and then more on Friday, and yes, the contract is going to a different agency sometime in May/June.  So in June I will be out of a job.  Don't get me wrong, my agency actually doesn't want to let me go.  They are looking for ways to let me keep my job, the problem I have is that I don't particularly care for the positions available.  I'm hoping I will be able to take unemployment.  And I would love to have the summer off.  And just to be clear, I like the company I work for a lot, I dislike the county politics and especially the way this was handled (the way I found out, among other things).

Is that all vague enough?  =)

Now . . . to let that sit for a minute and reread later to make sure I am okay with posting it.  And then on to the rest of my weekend.

Okay, so after hearing the above news on Thursday I just wanted to go home and sit and eat and have a lot of wine.  I did not want to run.  I did not want to do anything.  Sitting on the couch watching TV eating . . . well, something, we don't have chips in our house . . . sounded perfect.  Instead, I put on my running clothes and went for a run.  5 miles, even though I said only 4.

There is something about running that clears my head.  I left the house in a foul mood.  I came back and had almost forgotten about this major, major change in my life.  I felt lighter, and definitely happier.  (And honestly, I really am looking forward to taking the summer off.)

Friday I was going to do 4 miles of intervals on the treadmill.  But I didn't.  Once again, I just felt like vegging, and this time I did.  I think I'm okay with that skipped workout.  I knew I was headed to Portland on Saturday and wouldn't get a run in on either Saturday or Sunday, but I didn't care.  I had run close to 23 miles last week and I was okay with that.  (Plus, intervals suck.) (Maybe I'll do them today) (but doubtful)

So, Saturday,  Damian had his last gymnastics meet of the year on Sunday, Regionals.  And maybe his last one ever, he is thinking about stopping gymnastics.   My sister decided to go with us this time, and I had to take Maddox because we have used up all of our favors from our friend for awhile.  My parents were also headed to the area.  At first it was going to be just my Mom, but then one of her cousins died and the memorial service was Saturday, in the Portland area.  We have relatives down there, so my parents stayed with them, but Nancy and I wanted to stay in a hotel and chill out in the hot tub.  Unfortunately the hot tub was not working.  =( 

We met up with my parents and my aunt and uncle for dinner Saturday evening and had a really, really good visit.  (They are probably my favorite aunt and uncle and we never, ever see them.)
Anyway, at dinner D started complaining of not feeling good.  He went to the bathroom a ton of times and was gone for most of the dinner.  We were there far too long, and he really wanted to go lay down. 

We finally left and then Nancy and I drove around a little looking for a store to get something to help settle his stomach.  When we finally got to the hotel, I was getting Maddox out and looked around and D had disappeared.  He was in front of the car throwing up.  =( 

We went to the room and settled in for the night.  Maddox is not used to sleeping in the same room as others and wouldn't go to sleep, finally he fell asleep around 10:30.  At midnight, I woke up to the sounds of D throwing up again . . . in his bed.  =(  He said that he didn't have any warning, he basically woke up throwing up.  I went to the front desk and got new sheets for him.  He took a shower to clean up and then I went back to bed.  And then Maddox woke up at 4am.  =(  I took him to bed with me (and Nancy, we were sharing) and he rolled around for a little while and finally fell back asleep. 

We were up bright and early on Sunday and deciding what we should do about D being sick.  He was feeling marginally better, and ate a little breakfast.  I didn't have his coaches phone number, so had no way to let him know what was going on.  We decided to go to the meet and talk to the coach and see if D's breakfast stayed down. 

After much debate, and me basically telling Damian that this may be his last meet and he was able to eat and needs to compete (a lot of money and time went into this event, plus all the people there to see him), he competed.  He did very good.  It wasn't his best performance, but considering he was throwing up 9 hours before, and still feeling very queasy, he did very good.  I am proud that he "manned up" (lol) and did it.  And I think, once he feels better, he'll appreciate me forcing him to.

We went out to eat with my parents after the meet.  (D didn't eat anything, didn't even drink his soda) (he's a soda-whore) And then we did the long, long drive home.

I completely forgot to mention that on the drive down there on Saturday we took a detour and went to Mt. St. Helens.  It's the first time I had ever been there.  We didn't go all the way to the mountain, just to the first viewing area, which was poorly marked and we didn't see much because of the clouds.  But it was fun, and D wasn't sick yet and drove a good part of the way. 

I got home to Chris sick as well.  He wasn't throwing up, but had been spending a lot of time in the bathroom.  Not fun at all.  I am hoping this round of sickness will skip Maddox and I, we got it pretty bad the last time it wandered through our house. (knock on wood)

No runs since Thursday.  And I was up a bit this morning weight-wise.  I made good choices when eating out, but still . . . eating out.  And then not as much water as I'm used to because I didn't want to have to stop every 30 min to use the bathroom on the drive there and back.  My family are not drinkers, so that didn't even come up.  I talked about having a margarita with Nancy, but we never did go get one. (I am craving one now though.)  Last night I went to bed really early.  I was exhausted. 


  1. I'm very sorry about the job situation. I hope something good comes up for you, when the time is right. Good job handling the stress, and hope you are all well soon!

    1. Thanks Gwen. I'm sure it will all work out. No matter what happens, one thing is sure, life goes on. =)