Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My last few days

Tuesday morning I was down to 147.8.  Yay!

Monday we went out, like I said we were going to.  It was so much fun.  Chris and I don't go out very much.  We have such busy kids that it's really hard to find time, not to mention the money.  When we do go out to eat, we usually have at least one kid with us, so it was really nice to go to our local bar and just hang out. 

Let me clarify, when I think of a bar, I think of, well, a bar.  The place we went to is much, much nicer than a bar.  It's almost like a restaurant, I guess it kinda is, but kids aren't allowed.  Maybe it's considered a Pub?  I am not sure, but it's a super great place, only serves local beer.  The wine isn't always local, a lot of California wines in the mix (I don't understand why, WA has really great wineries).  I was happy to see that they served my newest favorite WA wine, Snoqualmie (I've liked all of the Snoqualmie wines I've tried) Merlot.  And like I said on Monday, they have the best nachos.  I am not a nacho person, honestly, I don't care about them one way or the other.  Yes, I'll eat them, yes, I like them when I'm eating them, but I never have felt that they were the best food ever.  However, I don't know what this place puts in their guacamole, but wow!  And they put black beans, corn, and olives (okay olives aren't unusual), but they also have carrots and cauliflower that they marinate in some sort of spicy jalapeno marinate (and I don't even like jalapenos) that are amazing.  I seriously think I go for the vegetables and guacamole alone.  =)

Anyway, Chris and I just hung out.  I walked away from the evening and felt really good.  I love (love, love, love) movies, but honestly, I think hanging out at the "pub" last night was so much better than a movie.  We actually talked and just hung out.  It felt like a date.  =)  (And yes, I ate most of the nachos.)  It was a good evening.

Yesterday I ran 4 miles.  Nothing hard, just something to get out and run.  Chris made spaghetti last night and I made a chicken breast that I ate with half an avocado.  I am feeling good about my food choices.  I haven't raided the candy stash at work all week and haven't felt the desire to go raid it.  I have had minimal alcohol this week and I feel good.

This morning I woke up to 146.8. A full pound down from yesterday morning.  Yay!  Friday I was on the high end of 153 and today I'm 146.8, that makes me feel good.  Of course, most of that weight was water and sodium related, but still, I'm down 0.4 from 2 weeks ago when I officially weighed myself last. 

So I noticed that I am talking about my weight a lot lately.  I guess I just get excited when I see some movement on the scale.  I went for months without any significant or lasting movement, so it's super exciting to see it and to see it last (it's been about a month).  I honestly don't have a weight goal.  I was content, maybe not happy, but content, with 150, but now that I'm going down again, I'm excited to see if I can get lower.  I would be happy to see 140, but I don't know if that will happen.  I am content with my weight, I think I look good and Chris thinks I look good.  But I do get a little excited. =)

I have felt my hip getting tight the last week or so.  I decided that I needed to start rolling it again.  It hasn't bothered me for a very long time, but I am definitely starting to notice it again.  Man, the foam rolling really hurts.  And I think because I spent so much time on my right side (same as last time) I bruised the knot that is there. 

I felt it every time I laid on my right side in my sleep last night, which meant I didn't sleep very well.  This morning it is still sore, but not as bad as it was while I was sleeping.  What makes it so that when you sleep you feel every little ache and pain, but not so much when you're awake?  Annoying.  Also, I think because of needing to prop up my upper body while rolling my hips, my shoulders and arms got a good workout and were a little sore this morning. 

I have been doing stretches in the mornings, at least work day mornings.  I get lazy sometimes, but I would like to be more flexible, so I think about that when I want to skip.  Sometimes that helps and sometimes I lay in bed the 15 extra min instead.  This week I've been good and have gotten up.  Last week, just like with my eating, I wasn't so good.

I'll leave you with some pictures.  =)

Damian and Maddox laying on the couch together.  The "hands"
behind Maddox's head are actually the antlers from his moose
pillow pet.  I had some ppl on FB tell me they looked like someone
 was flipping off the camera.

My sister in law, who has cerebral palsy, and I in eastern WA.


  1. Great job on the weight loss, and glad you had a great 'date'...! :)

  2. I'm so happy to hear that you had that time with Chris!!!!

    As for the weight...being in a happy place is a good thing....and regardless we can always 'dream' about a different number!