Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rungries and measurements

I don't feel like I've had much to say lately.  I am still running, still eating (semi) healthy, still weighing in around 147.X.  I think I mentioned that I finally registered for Bloomsday, which is this weekend.  I am super worried about it.  Not only the hills, but also the parking and the crowds and I'm going to be doing it alone this year.

Last year, Nancy and I walked, and we shared the driving.  And Nancy is excellent at directions and figuring out where to go, I am not.  I lose my sense of direction very easily.  You could blindfold Nancy, spin her around, take off her blindfold and she'd know where north is.  Or put her in a windowless building with lots of turns and she'd know, take her one place once and she'll remember how to get there for years afterwards, I just can't do that.  Anyway, so that's causing anxiety, and bad dreams.

Not to mention that today I have a meeting with the people who took my job away, and the people that are getting my job.  I'm not happy about that.  And I have to "play" nice.  But I'm also having dreams about that.  Not fun in my head right now.  =(

Sunday I ran 9 miles.  It was my first 9 miles since my half marathon in September.  I remembered to take some gummies with me (Maddox's snacks because I can never find the expensive sports gummies I buy).  I still felt really tired at about 8 miles (that has been the distance of my long runs for a while) and by the time I got home, I was beat.  I don't know why, but I always wait to clean house and do chores until after my long run.  It's not the best system, because by the time I finally sit down I can barely move.  (Although with 8 miles it hasn't been too bad.)  Sunday I cleaned and cooked dinner, by the time that was done, I was done.  I sat down and didn't move until bedtime. 

Have you heard of the "rungries?"  Being super hungry after a long run.  Well, I always think about what I'm going to eat after a long run, what sounds good (always ice cream, though I rarely get it) and I look forward to being able to eat a little more because, after all, I just burned over 1000 calories.  However, I am rarely really hungry after a long run.  I don't tend to eat a whole lot more than I normally do.  I am STARVING the next day though.  I noticed that yesterday.  I felt like I couldn't eat enough.  I was so hungry!  I did pretty good considering I thought about food all afternoon and evening.  I did have some chips (just a handful and a half of tortilla chips) and some crackers and peanut butter after dinner, but otherwise I think I did pretty good considering all I thought about was chocolate and ice cream and donuts and that type of stuff.

Yesterday I debated about running all day.  The weather was nice, sunny and around 50-57 degrees, but my body felt a little drained.  Not too bad, but I could tell I was tired.  I got home and instantly felt annoyed, angry, upset.  I decided I needed to go for a run before I killed someone.  I decided to only do 4 miles because, well, I had just ran 9 the day before.  Man, I was slow.  I kept thinking I needed to pick up my pace, but I just couldn't.  My legs felt heavy.  But it did cheer me up a little.  We did a little shopping and ate dinner and then I spent the rest of the evening in the bedroom reading a book.

Oh, I was on Sparkpeople.com last week.  I haven't been on there in forever.  I wanted to see what my original 4 mile route was (when that was my long run . . . oh how far I've come).  They've changed the site quite a lot and I had a hard time finding what I was looking for, but I finally did (I ended up not doing that route).  I found my original, or maybe not so original measurements.  I had them saved in my phone, but then I dropped that phone in a toilet and they are gone forever.  Anyway, since I found some old measurements, I decided to take new ones yesterday.  I'm gonna have to write it in my journal so I have some sort of way to find it if I break my phone again.

Anyway, Sparkpeople only measures waist, hips and one thigh.  I had records (that are gone) of boobs, under boobs, waist, hips both thighs together, and one thigh.  =/ 

So Sparkpeople had my measurements from 3/20/2012.  Waist - 37.5, hips - 41, and thigh - 23.5.  Yesterday I was: waist - 31, hips - 36, and thigh - 22 (I'm surprised I lost anything in my thigh, I've always had big ones).  So those are great loses.  I'm super happy about that!!  Of course, that's over the course of 2 years, but who cares how slow it is, as long as it's going down.  =)


  1. I love the difference in stats! What a difference two years (and a lot of miles) makes!

    1. I agree, MaryFran! I'm happy I found some old measurements. =)