Monday, April 7, 2014

Tulip Run

Well, last week was horrible eating and drinking-wise.  I ate too much garbage food and I drank too much alcohol and not enough water.  We went to eastern WA on Tuesday and ate at Arby's on the way down there.  I went to my parent's house and ate dinner there, hamburgers, and then I went back to Chris's Dad's house and had some wine. 

Wednesday we went to town (the Tri-Cities . . . Pasco, Kennewick, Richland . . . Kennewick to be exact) and visited with Chris's sister who has cerebral palsy.  After our visit we went and ate at a local fast food place, Zips (Chris thinks it's the best food ever, and I do agree, they have extremely good burgers).  Then home on Thursday and stopped at an amazing pizza place on the way home for lunch.  I did make dinner, ham, beans and roast cabbage (yum!!).  There was a lot of salt and alcohol on this trip.  Aaannnddd the water at Chris's dad's tastes terrible.  I have a really, really hard time drinking it.  I definitely did not drink as much as I normally do. 

On Wednesday after visiting with Chris's sister we went back to Chris's Dad's house and I went for a 5 mile run.  I was going to repeat the runs I did at Thanksgiving while we were there (which is only a 4 mile loop), but it's planting season and the field I ran around in November was being planted.  There were a lot of vehicles on the road to the field and several planters (I don't know what they are called, I grew up on wheat farms and they were trackers pulling seeders, but these were completely different than what I grew up with) in the field.  When we came back from visiting Chris's sister, I asked him to drive down the road to see how many people were there, and there were a lot, so I was uncomfortable running down that way.  Instead I went down a paved road the opposite direction.  I didn't stop and take any pictures this time.  I wish I had, but I got a new phone and it barely fits in my armband thing and it can be a pain to take out and put in, so I decided not to. 

Anyway, when we got home on Thursday I weighed myself and was way, way up.  153.8 up.  It was in the evening after eating and I knew I would be up, but I wasn't expecting 153.  Ugh.  So I told myself not to worry, I'd be down in the morning.  However, it was only down to 152.8 (yes, one pound, but I was seeing 147 and 146 the week before).  So I told myself I'd be super good, and then I wasn't.  I ran intervals on the treadmill on Friday, the same as last week without the extra mile at the end, so I only ran 4 instead of 5.  But again, the wine pulled me in that evening, although not as much as during the week. Luckily I remembered I had a race in the morning and didn't drink a ton.

Saturday I had the Tulip Run, which I had almost forgot about.  I was up early enough to eat and drink some water.  I usually drink a couple cups of coffee, but I knew I needed some water in me before racing so I only had one and switched to water.  I went early to pick up my packet, in the past I've been able to pick it up at the running store, but this year it was only morning of the race pickup.  Anyway, I knew I would have to walk the shirt back to my car, so I went early enough that I wouldn't be late.  I ended up being there plenty early and it was cold!  I was shivering.  I was very glad I had worn my jacket and long pants rather than a long sleeved shirt and capri pants.  (My jacket is fairly new and I discovered a cool pocket in the arm to put my phone in with headphone holes on the inside, it was really nice, my only complaint was that I couldn't look at my phone at all, nor could I adjust anything without stopping, so I didn't adjust.)

I really felt I was running really slow at first.  I kept thinking I should speed up, but wasn't sure how fast I was going.  I was surprised when I hit one mile to be at 8.21 min/mile.  I kept what felt like the same slow speed for the second mile and my phone told me that split was 8.17 min/mile. 
Here are my splits:
I finished in 42.48.  I didn't wait around for the awards because there were over 300 people registered for the race and I'm not that fast.  That evening when I was looking at the results it looked like maybe I got first place for my age group.  I had to check and double check, multiple times. 

(I'm sorry for the bigness of that picture, if I make it smaller you can't see it.)

Anyway, I was very bummed that I didn't stick around for the awards, but it was cold and I was wet from sweat.  I thought that I had missed my chance to get the award, but then last night I was reading the website and it said that you can go to the running store and get them in person.  I went today, but they didn't have the medals yet.  (Yes, you read that right, I get a medal.  I was expecting a ribbon.)

Yesterday I did 8.75 miles.  It was so hard in the first 2 miles and then suddenly I got to the place where it was easy.  I love it when it's easy.  Miles 3-7 were a breeze, and even the last mile and 3/4ths seemed to go very nicely.  I did not eat the 1140 calories I earned on my run yesterday.  I had one drink and a tiny bit of ice cream, and that was it.  Usually I eat something extravagant to celebrate a run that long, but I decided I had already eaten extravagantly so I didn't.  This morning I woke up to 148.4, better.  I'm happy I'm down in the 140's again, I hope I get back down to 145, but I was only there for about a day.

I was hoping to go for a run today but we need to do some shopping and then Chris and I are going on a date.  We're going to a bar that sells only local beers and wine, and they have THE BEST nachos, so I'm going to splurge a little tonight.  I will keep it down and I guess accept the consequences if I'm up again tomorrow.  We haven't been out in forever, so I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Hip hip hurray for your great run and being first in your age division!

    As for the rough week of seems to be a common theme...must be the weather! ha ha ha Regardless, you know what to do to clean it up. :-)

    1. Thanks MaryFran! I was super surprised about being in 1st place. :-)