Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pictures!! =)

I got it!!  I finally went to the help forum to see what I could find about not being able to add pictures.  It appears as if there are a lot of people with the same issue (no upload button on the upload page).  Someone suggested to go in HTML mode and upload the pictures that way and then click back to the Compose mode to edit the pictures.  =)  Yay!!  The above picture I thought was super, super cute and I've been trying to upload it forever.  =) Heather was looking at pictures on my computer and Maddox climbed up and was staring at the computer with her.  I just find it really funny.

In other news . . . I did it.  I bought a foam roller yesterday.
After we got home and ate dinner I decided to try it out and see what the fuss was all about.  Man, I will tell you . . . it hurt!  My right hip has been bothering me for a while now, so I spent a lot of time on my right side (I really don't know what muscles or anything I am rolling, by the way).  I didn't just do my hip area (which hurt) but mostly spent a lot of time on my right outer thigh (which really, really hurt).  I thought maybe I was doing it wrong, so I did the same areas on my left side and it didn't hurt nearly as bad.  Since my hip "pain" is not constant, and I don't even notice it every day, just every so often, I can't tell you if it's better today or not.  It pretty much feels the same as it did yesterday (before rolling).  I guess time will tell, hopefully it will completely quit hurting. 

I also rolled out my calves.  Remember in July when I hurt my leg after I came back from camping (if you don't remember you can read about it in this very long post, it's the last long paragraph of the post).  Well, my calf still bothers me sometimes so I decided to roll it as well.  It didn't hurt that much, but more than my right calf, so who knows.  Maybe if I roll regularly both problem areas will get better and stop bothering me.

I did take yesterday as a rest day like I planned.  But I was sitting on the couch at about 7:30pm and I felt like the laziest blob.  I think having the treadmill is really great, it takes away all excuses for me to go run, but it kinda messes with my head a little.  Because I have no excuses (darkness, cold, wind, rain, etc) I think that I should run every day.  Saturday, Sunday, and Monday my body was screaming at me to take a rest day, but yesterday I felt fine.  I didn't have any soreness in the back of my thighs, I didn't feel tired at all so I kinda forgot why I needed a rest day.  However, I really do believe rest days are good for you, so I rested.  I'm not resting today. 

I was supposed to go to eastern WA this weekend, but after much miscommunication and lack of communication it got canceled.  Every year we do a "family vacation."  It includes my parents and all of my sisters and their families (except Tami who lives in N. Carolina and can't afford it).  We go on President's Day weekend in Feb because winter is cheaper than summer and my dad is a farmer, so winter is his down time.  We usually go to Oregon, or somewhere on the WA coast, but this year we decided to go to Disneyland as our trip.  However, one of my sisters (Barbara) can't afford to go, so only one sister (Nancy) and her husband, my parents, and my family are going to go.  We felt bad about Barbara not being able to go so we decided to do our family vacation Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend and go to my (extended) family's house in eastern WA because it would be cheapest and we didn't want to spend a lot of money right before going to Disneyland.

Anyway, yesterday my Mom called and said my dad went to Barbara's house to chat with her about the weekend.  The story that was told to Nancy and I was that Barbara "forgot" about the trip and made an appt to get her car fixed so she wasn't going to go.  After many phone calls (and a very funny text from my Mom, her first ever to me - seriously, it looked as if she couldn't speak English), but for some reason none to Barbara, we decided to cancel the trip because we were only going for Barbara.

Well, later that evening I got a text from Barbara asking about the trip being canceled.  I said yes, we were told she couldn't go.  I then called her to actually talk to her (which should have happened much, much earlier in the day).  It turns out that my Dad went to her house and Barbara was napping with her daughter.  Barbara said my Dad asked her what her plans were for the weekend and Barbara said she needed to get her car fixed.  My Dad told her she could use one of their cars and then left soon after.  So Barbara started thinking that she could actually go this weekend because she wouldn't have to worry about her car.  My Dad went home and told my Mom that Barbara forgot and made a car appt and that is when everyone started blaming Barbara for "canceling" the trip.  

After talking to both my sisters, we decided to keep it canceled.  Barbara and my Mom had a huge argument right after we all left at Christmas time, and they haven't talked since.  Barbara was very, very hurt by some of the things my Mom said, so she said that she's not really ready to spend an entire weekend in her presence but was going to do it anyway because Nancy and I would be there.  I am bummed that the trip is canceled because they have about 2 feet of snow (I love snow) and I really do like going to the lake.  But I'm also relieved because I didn't want to travel so far right after going to eastern WA for Christmas and right before going to Disneyland.  
Chris, Cathy, Scott, Kaylee, Tami, Damian, & Matthew on the
Lake in 2011.  Both Tami and I were pregnant, I was about 4 months
and Tami was about one month.

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