Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 2

Well, another week has passed and I only posted on here once.  Oh well, I need to quit obsessing about how often I post.  I have very few followers, so it's not as if anyone notices when I'm so far between postings. 

I have read in so many other places that "blogging isn't like it used to be."  I'm not sure what that means.  Maybe I'm not a big enough blog to know.  Or maybe I haven't been blogging long enough.  (I've been doing this since March 2012.)  Anyway, the way it works in my world is that I read the blogs that interest me and that I follow, and write when I feel like it.  Admittedly, the writing has gone down quite a lot, but I think I've been pretty good at doing it at least once a week.  ; )

Last week was week 2 of marathon training.  Yesterday was 7 miles.  I was super excited to do 7 miles.  My routine for months now has been 3 days of 3 miles and a long run of 6 miles.  I've been bored.  Bored with running.  I don't know if it's because I haven't had anything to look forward to, just the same ole, same ole. I don't know, but I rarely feel like I WANT to go for a run.  I usually I run because I feel like I need to.  I want to maintain the weight I have lost and if I don't run I worry I'll regain it.  Running is the only exercise I have ever stuck with (well, other than high school sports).  I did Tae-bo (Billy Blanks is looking old) for a little while after I had Damian.  I started Zumba a few years ago, but quit that as well.  I start and stop yoga more often than anything else (although, I have successfully done it for the last 4 weeks, at least 5 times a week).

Anyway, back to the marathon training/7 mile run.  I was excited to change it up yesterday.  7 miles . . . only one mile more than I have been doing, but it felt exciting.  (And then I realized that week 3's long run is only 5 miles.)  I am really looking forward to increasing my mileage again.  I seriously can't wait for week 10 when I will have run 15 miles and can say that is my longest run ever, rather than my longest run since Sept. 

Anyway (I keep getting sidetracked), 7 miles . . . It was a good 7 miles.  I was still almost a half mile from home when I hit 7, and I felt like I could have ran the half mile easily, but I decided that I didn't want to push myself too hard. (not that I think a half mile more would have been "too hard" but it was the thought of hurting myself that made me stop)
Today my feet hurt a bit.  I can't decide if they hurt from normal long run soreness, or it's still the plantar faciitis.  I really, really want to increase my mileage and I really, really want to do a marathon this year, but now I'm super worried about my feet.  I hate this feeling.

Last Thursday was Maddox's birthday.  He turned 4.  I can't believe how fast time goes. He went from this . . .
 To this in just a few minutes.
Oh, and yes, he got into his cake before we gave it to him.  =)

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