Monday, August 26, 2013

Fixed computer, botched long run, and some pictures

On Friday I played on my computer for awhile, talked to a friend who I told I thought my computer might have a virus because weird things keep happening to it. Well, I went to work and got a call from Damian about 45 min later. The computer had frozen on a screen saying I was in "violation of laws of the United States of America."  Laws I had broken? Viewing, with intent to distribute, child pornography, illegal software, music, movies, etc. And it had a picture of Damian, shirtless, taken from my webcam. THAT was the scariest part. Then it said that I had to pay a fine of $300 within 72 hours or face prosecution by the federal government. Guess I was right, a virus. The biggest problem is that it's "ransomware" and I can't get off the screen that tells me about my broken laws. So that means I was stuck to my kindle and phone (which I'm happy to say I finally got my replacement Friday).  

I have a fairly good friend from high school that works in computer support/repair and I was able to talk to him last night and he got my computer fixed for me.  He lives in eastern WA, so he has to get onto my computer remotely, but that meant that I had to get my computer off the stupid ransomware screen so I could accept his remote connection.  He talked me through that, which wasn't too hard, and then he got on and debugged my computer.  He spent at least 2 hours, maybe more, on my computer.  I always feel guilty when he helps me out, because he's doing it on his own time, and I'm not paying him.  But, it sure is nice to have a friend who knows how to do it and does it for me. 
One of the things that he said was on my computer was a "cookie" from a porn site.  So . . . I had a chat with Damian.  How do you parent around porn?  It is so easily accessed by everything nowadays.  I think I would rather he went searching for Chris's (really old) magazine stash than for him to be looking at stuff online.  At least the magazines don't move, and Chris doesn't ever get anything really nasty.  Anyway, I had a talk with D and then my friend told me he could do something on my computer that blocked all porn, so he got back on my computer and worked his magic again.  =)  He really is an awesome friend.
I also put tape over the webcam, because that is just freaky.
Saturday I was going to do 11 miles, however, I didn't really feel like running at all.  I waited around all morning, and decided that I was going to run.  I wasn't going to have a set distance, but I added a bunch of loops and extra roads at the beginning to give me lots of mileage before I got close to home.  I decided during my run to just do the 11 miles, I wasn't feeling too bad, and I could do it.  Well, I got to 9 miles and pretty much crashed.  I decided I was done, and walked home (this is what happens when I run in a big loop and the end of the run is an out and back on a trail close to home).  =/
I got home and looked at my splits and realized I had been running really fast.  Way too fast for 11 miles. 
Even after I was walking home I still didn't feel like I could have continued.  I am a little bummed now, but looking at the times, I am really surprised with how fast I went.  I am really bad at pacing myself, and since I don't have a watch-like GPS device, it makes it hard to know.  My mapmyrun app tells me at each mile, but it'd be nice to see it as I was going to know when I was going too fast.  

Did I mention that I got my replacement phone?  And all my pictures are okay?  =)  Here are some more of my camping photos (that I haven't already added). 

We got a kitty a few weeks ago, remember?  Well, these are some super cute photos of my kitty Addie.

Maddox and Addie
Addie and Gizmo (now I just need one of Addie and Pandora,
our other cat)
After my run on Saturday I was feeling pretty sore and Maddox was acting sick, so we all cuddled on the couch watch TV.  You can't see from the photo very well, but both my boys were laying on top of me.  I absolutely loved it.  =)

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