Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy Monday

I had a pretty good weekend.  It was really nice here.  I had Friday off to use up the rest of my sick time and other random time off I get every year, plus, my daycare was closed.  Maddox and I just hung out at home.  We went outside for a good part of the morning.  I set a sprinkler to water my vegetable garden.  My hose is really old and has a pretty decent hole in it, I haven't minded the hole too much because it doesn't affect the water pressure and I can aim it at my flowers and let it water that too.  Anyway, Maddox is super fascinated by the water.  He wouldn't run though the spray, but he'd run behind it and put his hand in it.  =)
My Mom came to visit on Friday for the weekend.  Damian's last baseball games were scheduled for yesterday (a double header) (I found out at the game he's got one more today, a make up game) and she hadn't been to any yet this year.  She likes to come to at least one of his sports events, and this was the first she was able to.  We had a good visit, she took me to get a pedicure and we pretty much didn't do anything else but visit.  =)

Saturday night Maddox woke up screaming.  I picked him up and he was boiling hot.  I gave him some children's motrin and took him to bed with me.  He was so sick yesterday, he didn't get off my lap at all in the morning.  In the late morning I decided I needed to get my long run done, so I set him down on the couch to go get ready.  When I came back he was wrapped in a very warm blanket asleep.  I didn't want him sleeping with that hot blanket with his temperature, so I pulled it off him and again he was really hot.  I gave him some more Motrin but he wouldn't sit with my Mom, he only wanted me, so I had to sit there for a little while holding him waiting for the Motrin to kick in.  It finally did and he let me leave.  Poor guy.  =(

I ended up taking him to Damian's games, mostly because I thought they were his last games of the season and there's no guarantee about next year.  Next year he'll be too old for Little League and he didn't make it on the high school team this year, so who knows about next.  Anyway, Maddox, I think, felt a little better.  He played some, and then would come sit down with me for a little bit and then go play again. 

He's doing a little better today.  My mom decided to stay another day so she could watch Maddox for me today.  This is my last week of work and I don't really want to call in sick (not to mention that I used all my sick time).  My Mom has to go home tomorrow though, so hopefully he's better then. 

I ended up not running on Friday, just lazy.  But I did do almost 6 and a half miles on Saturday.  Taking so much time off last week was something I think I needed.  I had been dreading my runs so much, but both runs I did last week (Wednesday and Saturday) felt really good.  I felt accomplished and enjoyed both runs a lot.

Yesterday I ran 8 miles.  It was a very good run.  I actually thought about adding a little in the middle to make it 8.5 miles, but I need some sort of energy boost for anything longer than 8 miles and I didn't grab anything before I left the house.  I always lose the (expensive) energy gels I buy, so I have been using some fruit gummies that we buy for Maddox.  I think they work okay, but I think if I'm going to increase my distance for marathon training I'm going to have to figure out how to NOT lose the energy gels, because they definitely work better. 

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