Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday weigh-in

Like I've said before, I weigh myself everyday.  Often multiple times a day.  I'm just curious what my body is doing at different times of the day.  My average weight this week was 165.  Which I was happy about because my average weight last week was closer to 167.  My official weigh in is Friday morning.  I was worried about seeing a gain this week, so I told myself if I gained I would weigh myself after my run and go with whichever is lower. (Often my after run weight is lower than my morning weight.)  This morning my weight was 164.4, down 1.2 lbs from last week.  I am excited about that.  I have no problem with losing one pound a week.  I don't need to see drops of 3-7 lbs every week (while they would be nice, probably not too healthy for me.)  I keep thinking I will stop seeing loses and start seeing gains. 

Before I got pregnant I was walk/running everyday at work.  I didn't have the nifty app on my phone telling me my pace and how far I was going, but I would faithfully log my run on Sparkpeople to see how far I was going.  I wasn't pushing myself that much, I was content to walk some, not run the entire time.  I told myself when I was down to 165 I would get a nose ring.  I had wanted one for so long.  So one day I reached that number and on a spur of the moment (I was working, driving back to the office after visiting a client) I stopped and pierced my nose.  I love the piercing, and am happy I got it, however, my weight went right back up after that.  I was right back at 170 a week or two later. So, to see 164 today, that is an accomplishment all by itself.  I haven't seen 170 as my official weight for almost a month. 

We went shopping today and I bought a pair of shorts and a tank top to wear when the weather is warm. (It was downright hot a couple days ago.)  I tried them on as Chris was getting ready for bed and was happy at the image in the mirror.  I told Chris that one thing I am comfortable with in the way I am losing weight this time is that I haven't made a lot of major changes.  I am eating less, and a bit healthier and I am exercising a lot.  But mostly I haven't made huge changes in the way that I am living.  I still eat my favorite foods, just in smaller sizes.  I drink wine regularly, and other alcoholic beverages occasionally and I am seeing a loss.  I am happy about this because I feel like I am not on a "diet."  What I am doing right now, I can do for the rest of my life, which means that I shouldn't have trouble with regaining the weight once I reach my goal weight. (Which I don't actually have, I would like to be in the 130-140 range, but I am taking it a step at a time, and right now I can see 160.)  :-)

I didn't work today because my babysitter called in sick. So I've just been hanging out at home all day.  I almost didn't do my Thankful note, but here it is. 

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