Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cold baseball game

Damian had a baseball game today.  The weatherman said it was supposed to be sunny, I distinctly remember hearing that we weren't supposed to get any rain until Thursday.  Honestly, I expect anything over 24 hours to be guess and speculation, but usually it's so so accurate for anything under 24 hours.  However, this morning I woke up to rain.  Surprisingly, the game wasn't canceled, so I dressed myself and Maddox warmly and off we went.  Holy freaking cold!  Rain, a little wind (enough to be really cold) and a baby that doesn't like to be held for long periods of time, unless he's fast asleep.  Wet grass, rain from the sky . . . yeah, it wasn't fun. 

I have thought a couple times that putting Maddox to bed in his crib to fall asleep on his own is not beneficial when we are out and about and it's naptime.  Maddox doesn't fall asleep easily when he is being held.  With Damian, I always held him, I had the worst time getting him to go to sleep in his own bed, he was so used to me holding him.  Maddox is completely opposite.  It probably has a lot to do with me being older and Maddox being my second child. Anyway, Maddox finally fell asleep, after a lot of walking and rocking, and then slept through most of the game.  Thankfully, because the weather just went downhill.  I was thankful for a semiwaterproof blanket and a hood.  I was annoyed because my umbrella was in the car, but I didn't grab it and by the time I really needed it Maddox was asleep and I didn't want to risk waking him up.

Damian's team won their first game.  I'm really happy they won, it's no fun to be on a team that always loses.  Damian scored the first point of the game and was almost the only point.  However, the last inning at bat, they got 4 more points, making the score 5-0.

I decided to go for a longer run today.  The longer trail is 2 miles, so if you do it out and back, then it's 4. (I realize I'm doing a lot of simple math for you, I'll try to stop.)  However, my street is smack in the middle of the trail, so I go one way to the end and then turn around and go to the other end and back to my street.  The second half of the trail goes by a park and I can go a different route to get home if I want.  (When I first started running I ran/walked to that park and back home and it was about 2 miles round trip.)  Today my the music on my phone decided not to work.  It played several songs on my way to the trail and then just as I started running it stopped for no reason.  I started it again and again it stopped in the middle of the first song.  I couldn't get it to play more than half a song, so I just turned it off.  At first it felt fine, I heard the birds, the traffic, the stream, people talking just off the trail in their yards . . . but by the second half I was just tired.  I felt that I was going super slow, and I couldn't focus on anything other than my breathing (loud and labored) and how tired I was.  So I ran to the end of the trail and then back to the park and just stopped.  I was done.  I was tired.  I didn't want to run anymore.  I walked home.  I was okay with that, I still ran 3.5 miles.

Turns out I wasn't going super slow, I was going pretty fast.  About a 9.2 min/mile.  I did 3.5 miles in 32 and a half mins.  I usually do 3 miles in that time. 

(I still don't understand why it says I burn less calories when I go faster.  I seriously would think that you burn more calories when you go faster.)

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