Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday's post - late

Ever have one of those days where you just don't want to do anything??  It was HARD for me to wake up yesterday.  Maddox woke up at his normal 6am, but thankfully, Chris works and is up, so I handed him off to Chris and crawled back into bed for another 30 min. when Chris has to leave for work.  (It completely sucks that my "sleeping in" is only 30 min longer than my normal weekday wake up time.) I dragged myself to the couch and almost fell asleep again.  Luckily Maddox made a loud noise and prevented me from completely nodding off. 

I skipped church (again, this is becoming a bad habit) and almost talked myself into skipping my run.  However, I didn't, I dragged myself off the couch around 11am and got my work out gear on.  I don't know about anyone else, but once I have my workout clothes on I am more motivated to get out the door.  So, while Maddox was napping (don't worry, Damian was home) I took off.  After my run we had tons of errands to do, I don't think I got to sit down for longer than 30 min to feed Maddox until 8:30pm.  Yeah, not my idea of a relaxing Sunday, although I did get flowers and planted them.  :-)

I ran for 4.5 miles.  I wanted to stop, but at the beginning of my run I told myself I was going to do 4.5 miles so I didn't let myself stop.  I think that is what my problem is on days where I don't have a set distance.  I get tired and I just stop, like Saturday, I went out wanting to do a longer run, but with no clear plan of how far and I ended up stopping at 3.5 miles.  It also happened here.  It was the first time on a new trail, I didn't know how long the trail was and I had no plan of exactly where I was going or how far I wanted to go. 

Anyway, I made great time.  I seem to have picked up my pace a bit without trying to.  I am running closer to a 9.3 min/mile more often instead of my usual 10.3 min/mile.  However, now that I've typed that I will have slowed down again.  I am okay with going slower because I'm not out to set records, I just go to run.  :-)

Today is another baseball game.  It is B-E-A-utiful (anyone recognize the quote?) outside today so the baseball game should me much, much nicer than Saturday's.  My sister is coming up to watch D play, so no run tonight.  And tomorrow is Zumba so no run tomorrow.  I could actually probably squeeze in a run, but I most likely won't. . .  maybe a short one.  :-)

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