Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Marathon musings

As I write this I have the Boston Marathon playing right next to where I'm writing.  I was watching it yesterday, not live, but didn't finish it.  I do know who won, in both females and males, so it's interesting to watch the way it plays out.  I find myself rooting Des Linden and Meb and Ritz (on the men's side) on to win, even though I know they don't.  As I type this the women are approaching the finish.  I actually saw the women's finish early yesterday, and I was amazed.  The top two women had an all out sprint to the finish line, and I can't believe that they have that much energy after running 26 miles already.  It is truly amazing to me.  They are running somewhere under 6min/miles for 26.2 miles. That is amazing. ---I just watched the women finish (again) but it is so much more amazing to me after watching it all (or at least the elite runners). 

Who would have thought that this would have been interesting to me 2-3 years ago.  But it is, it is truly amazing.  (I know, I need new words, but seriously, that's all I've got, it's amazing.)  I want to be a part of that, maybe not Boston (I don't know that I could be fast enough), and definitely not an elite runner, I will never be elite (after all, I'm 38 and all the elites are younger than me) but I want to run a marathon.  I hope my feet allow me to do it this year.  This is my goal.

On that note, last week I ran 15.4 miles.  That is the most mileage since September.  And I have had some issues with my feet, but not too bad.  I've been rolling them every night and icing them.  This weekend I decided to switch my long run day to Saturday, I have been doing it on Sunday, but most races I do are Saturday, so I decided to switch.  Plus, with Damian's baseball schedule, my normal Tuesday, and Thursday runs aren't possible.  If I wanted 4 days of running, I had to run on Monday.  Which meant 3 days in a row, which I haven't done for 7 months.  Anyway, I expected my feet to be pretty sore today and they aren't.  What is sore are my shins, which really sucks. 

Saturday I was able to run 3 miles at an average of 8.31min/miles and my run yesterday for 3 miles was an average of 8.50min/miles, so I think the 3 days in a row really slowed me down, but I'm still so happy to have an average of under 9 min/miles.  Yesterday my shins were really sore, and I felt slow, plus, the temperature was close to 70 degrees, and I always run slower when it's warm.  My body isn't used to 70 degrees. 70 isn't bad in the summer, but in April I'm still used to 40-50 degrees. 
First wearing of shorts on a run, and of course, that comes
with the first chafing of the year, even with Vaseline in bad
spots.  =(
--I got sucked into watching the finishers at the Boston marathon.  Now I'm really excited to do a marathon.  I think I'll try to do the Tri-Cities one I was planning on doing last year.  It's flat, in October, which is good weather in eastern WA and maybe my parents will come cheer me at the finish line.  (Maybe)

The weather here was beautiful this weekend.  I spent Saturday hanging out with my sister shopping and getting pedicures.  But on Sunday I spent the day outside enjoying the sun.  Yesterday was the warmest day, temperatures being 70 and above.  And of course today the clouds are back.  =/


My aunt died suddenly last Saturday.  She was not healthy, but it was also unexpected.  I was not very close to her, but I am traveling to eastern WA to go to her funeral on Thursday.  It will be a very quick trip as I don't really have the time to take off at work.  I don't think we'll be in eastern WA for even 24 hours.  My sister came up with the plan to leave early Thursday morning, go to the funeral Thursday afternoon, and then drive home very, very, very early Friday morning so that I can go to work.  It's about a 4 1/2 hour drive, so that means we'll be leaving somewhere around 4 am Friday.  That makes a very long day for me, and I will be exhausted.  I get very annoyed with my family, my aunts, mostly.  They don't take "normal" people into consideration when they make plans.  (Normal being people that work for a living and have to juggle family and jobs.)  Anyway, I (my sister) made it work and I'll be there. 

And me, being the runner that I am, immediately thinks that this will mess up my running schedule.  I'm supposed to run on Thursday.  I guess I will try to run tomorrow instead. 

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