Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Weigh day

I think of things to write about all the time.  Something happens, I do something, and I think "oh, I need to share that."  But it's always at a time when I can't get on here and write it down, so then when I do have time . . . well I can't remember.  Seems to me my posts are becoming more of a weekly thing than I'd like, but I do have good intentions. 

Today I really don't have anything to say.  Really.  The cursor has been sitting here just blinking for longer than I should admit. I've gone to Facebook, Pinterest, and back multiple times and still the cursor blinks waiting for me to type. . .

I guess I will tell you that I ran 6 miles on Sunday.  Yes, 6 miles.  That was a really good run.  It felt good, and it I felt great about it. 
When I lived in Mt. Vernon one of my favorite routes was through a cemetery (I've always loved cemeteries) and I found one on my run on Sunday.  It was very small cemetery, and it was really hard to not stop and look at the old gravestones (my favorites are the old ones).  I will run through it again, and might stop and look around next time.

Saturday I decided to see how fast I could run 4 miles because I was thinking of the Tulip Run this Saturday . . . yeah, I pushed hard, and was just barely able to get all 4 miles under a 9 min mile. I don't know if I could do 5 miles, and looking at last year's time, it was under 8.30 min/miles, for all 5 miles. 

And the real reason I'm posting today is because it's April 1st (no I'm not talking about April Fool's Day).  I said at the beginning of March that I would start posting my weight on the first of the month because I've held pretty steady at right around 147 for a year (I had a few months during my unemployment that I was up).  Anyway, my weight today:
144.8 =)
 Yesterday I was going to run.  My coworker and I went down to Seattle to observe King County's mental health court (MHC) (I do a similar program through Everett Municipal Court and my coworker does MHC through Snohomish County District Court). I used to work in Seattle and a friend of mine still works at my old job.  When I found out I was going down there (Monday) I contacted her and asked if she would have time to say hi, she said she would and wanted to know if I could do happy hour.  Well, my coworker was driving us down there and said she wasn't going to do it so I declined.  Well, my coworker decided yesterday morning that one drink with my friend would be okay, so I contacted my friend . . . 3 drinks later we left. . . at 5pm . . . from Seattle.  I didn't get home till almost 7:30, so no run.  But even without the run yesterday, March was my highest mileage month since September (everything is "highest since September") at 55 miles. =)  And . . . my feet don't hurt at all.
After my run on Sunday my feet hurt a little, but it was the soreness that happens after you've just ran farther than your body is used to, not the hurt of plantar faciitis.  I am optimistic that . . . nope, not going to say it, don't want to jinx it.  =)  I'm just saying, my feet haven't hurt all week other than soreness from a long run.  =) 

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