Friday, October 23, 2015


2 days.

2 days until my marathon. 

Thankfully my head has calmed down a bit.  Or it just may be exhaustion from my body refusing to get enough sleep.  At first it was not being able to fall asleep at a decent time, and it has evolved to waking up at 4am and not being able to fall back asleep.  The circles under my eyes are horrible.  I will say that writing my last post did help calm all the lists going through my head, however, now I'm worried that since I'm not constantly list making I'm going to forget something.

At this time, I am packed, and at work, not going back home, so if I forgot something, it's forgotten.  But I'm pretty sure that I have my running gear, and that is all that is really important. 

I rode the bus this morning, so on top of my nerves about running 26.2 miles in 2 days, I was nervous about riding the bus for the first time in 7 years.  Thankfully it went smooth and I got to work, where I'm stuck until 4:30pm (ironically 12 hours after I woke up this morning). 

Yesterday Chris woke up and told me he had a sore throat, so I went immediately and bought some Airborne and was drinking it like water.  I went to have some this morning when I got to work, and I had packed it, so it is nice and safe in my car . . . at home.  =( 

They finally posted the results from the Everyday Superheroes 5k I did a couple weeks ago. 

I'm thinking there's something wrong there . . .  They did say that they were having difficulties and that there were some "serious issues."  So I won't know my official time, which I'm really, really bummed about.  I know I wasn't last, nor did it take me an hour and 12 min to finish, but I also didn't think I was under 23 min.  My mapmyrun app had me at 26.12 min, but I was looking at it today and my 0.1 (at the end of the 5k) was 1 min and 21 sec, which I also know isn't correct.  So if you take away 1 min, that still puts me at 25.12 min, but I also know I was very close to the beginning, I just don't know how close.  According to this, I was 2nd overall female, and first in my age group (which I expected).  If I finished at 25.12 min, then I'm 4th overall female, and second in my age group (30-39). 

There were some decent pictures of me though . . . even with the face that I make while I run.  I did not see anyone with cameras, at all.  I did see one lady taking pictures with her phone, when I passed her she said it was for the costume contest.  She was the only one I smiled for . . . because she was the only one I saw . . . and her pictures aren't on the website.  =)

The girl in front of me with the nurses scrubs, cape, and mask tried to prevent me from passing her.  I followed her for most of the first mile, passed her once and she sped up, but then she slowed down and I slowed with her, but thought that was silly, so sped up and passed her.  She was a good 5-10 min after me crossing the finish line.  The guy behind me with the green sunshine looking tshirt also wanted to pass me.  I don't remember exactly when I passed him, but when he crossed the finish line he came to me and shook my hand and said good job.  =)  My favorite one of me is the one in the middle with my ponytail flying.  =)  And look at my foot in the top picture, it is totally sideways.  That is exactly how I run, except I've never actually seen a picture of it, but the outside edges of my shoes are always worn more than anywhere else. 

This will be my last post before my marathon . . . let the nerves go crazy!

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  1. did you do?? race report please!! ;-)