Thursday, May 7, 2015

Move and Have a Heart Run

I wrote this yesterday but was trying to add some pictures of our move, but I couldn't get them, so you're stuck with whatever I was able to get on.  :-)
It's been a week since I last posted on here, but what a week it has been!  We moved.  We officially left our house in Burlington and moved back to Mount Vernon, just a few blocks from where we just moved from 6 months ago.  It was a crazy busy weekend for us and our new house is still so full of boxes, it's not even funny.  I'm so sick of boxes.  I wish I could take this week off and just unpack, but unfortunately I don't have the ability to do that. 

My parents came over to watch Damian play baseball and helped us move.  They helped a lot and I can't express my gratitude to them enough.  We are really going to like our new house.  As much as we loved our old place, loved the quiet and the dead end street, this house was remodeled 3 years ago and only had one tenant since.  There are 2 families with 4 kids each, so there are lots of kids everywhere, and Maddox fits right in.  Damian's best friend is 2 blocks over and has been at our house everyday this week, and they are building a treehouse/fort in the backyard. 

I have discovered as I've gotten older that I am not a very social person.  I enjoy friends, but not everyday in my house.  The "gang" of kids that is in our neighborhood drives me crazy, even though they are good kids.  I just don't want them constantly at our house, and right now, we are the exciting "new" neighbors.  We've actually known both families and have been friends with them for many years, we just haven't hung out a lot, especially in the last 6 months because we were away from the neighborhood.  But when I get home, I want peace, I want quiet, I want my run and then my glass of wine.  I am not currently getting that, I am getting my run, but then I have a messy (extremely messy) house so sitting in it is not peaceful or very relaxing.  So the other day I decided to go outside and enjoy our new deck, but then we had the "gang" of kids come in the backyard and they were all over me.  I don't want to be the "mean lady next door" but I seriously just want them out of my yard! 

I'm sure the longer we are there, the less exciting we will be, and they won't be over as often, but right now . . . right now I get frustrated.  Last night I came home, went for  run, took a shower and then was sitting inside while Chris was outside with Maddox and the neighbor girls (just 2 of them).  I went outside for a min and Chris decided he needed to show the girls' father (our really great friend that has helped us more than a million times, he was the one that helped me with my car a few weeks ago, and the one that found this house for us) something inside.  I thought they'd be quick, so I was outside with the girls and Maddox, and then they were inside forEVER (it was probably 15 min).  When did I get so grumpy?  I've never been very social, but I've always loved kids.  I did get some great pictures with them, though.  :-)

 Rant over . . . I think.

I forgot, I also did the Have a Heart Run on Saturday.  I met a coworker who had signed up forever ago with a friend of hers.  They did the 5k while I did the 10k.  This 10K was the first one I've done since the Fowl Fun Run in 2012, which was my first and only 10k.  I am calling the Have a Heart 10K a PR, even though the results page lists me 1 sec over the Fowl Fun Run time.  The reason I am calling it a PR is because I pushed my button as I crossed the start line, and the official time started with the "gun" (there was no real gun) and not when each person crosses the start because there were no mats.  I feel that my time is more accurate than the "official" time, so I'm going with it.  :-)

It was a really pretty run.  It went along the Skagit River (a different part of it than what I have been running by) and then through some farmland, which I love.  I love, love looking around as I'm running, so running a pretty route through an area of the Skagit Valley I've never been to, was perfect. 

I was following one guy, and we were going way too fast for a 6 mile run for me (about 8:45 min/mile), so I slowed down.  He slowed down more and I passed him.  Then I was behind a couple of guys going about a 9:10 min/mile and I thought that might be too fast for me (my 7 mile run the weekend before was around 9:21 min/mile) but I didn't want to slow down again so I stayed with them.  Then they slowed down so I passed them.  I had steadily been getting a little slower each mile so at mile 4 I sped up so I wouldn't have positive splits (where each mile gets slower).  However, mile 5 ended up being my slowest mile, but mile 6 was my second fastest (after the first mile, which really was too fast).  I didn't finish feeling like I had nothing left, like I did at the Tulip Run, so I think I could have pushed myself a little bit more.  But overall, I felt good about the race.  I was thinking that since this is such a small race  I had a chance to be 1st in my age group.  Sadly I was 2nd (2nd place didn't get anything) and I was behind that person by 5 min.  Oh well.  :-)
One awesome thing was that my parents came to the race.  They tried to make it to the start, but they were about 30 secs too late.  They were walking to the start line as we started.  Then, since I was going to be running about an hour, my dad went back to his pickup to take a nap, and sadly he didn't see me cross the finish line.  My mom was there though, so that was nice.  :-)  I heard her yell my name as I came up to the finish line.  I felt really bad for my dad because I think he was more interested in it than my mom.  He's always expressed interest in my running, and has talked about how cool it would be for me to run the Boston Marathon (I told him that likely would never happen).  My mom has been visiting in the past while I did races and has never gone to the race to cheer me on, so I'm pretty sure it was my dad's influence on her coming.  Don't get me wrong, my mom is supportive, just not the same as my dad.  When I do a marathon, I'd really like my dad to be there, which is one reason (not a big reason) why I want to do it in the Tri-Cities, it's close(ish) to their house.

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