Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Everyday Superheroes

Last week was my birthday.  I turned 39.  I did nothing special for my birthday and actually was a little depressed (for no real reason).  I had to work because I had court, I don't normally work on my birthday, so I was pretty bummed. 

I was going to run on my birthday, it was a regularly scheduled run, but when I got home no one was there, so no one to watch Maddox.  So I didn't.  Chris didn't get home that evening till almost 8pm, I took a bath and went to bed.

Next year I'm turning 40.  I've been thinking about if I should do some sort of running type goal, but haven't been sure what to do.  I thought about doing a 40K race, but that is only a mile and change less than a marathon (24.85 miles), so I was thinking 40 races, but that's close to a race every week, and I don't want to do that.  So I don't think I'll work "40" into my goal, but I think I'm going to do one race (or more) a month for my 40th year.  That will start in November.  I already have one for Nov. and Dec planned.  I'm going to do a "Big Climb" in March, the Tulip Run is in April, Bloomsday is in May, and so is The Insane Inflatable we are planning on doing again.  I'll just have to find races for the rest of the year, which should be pretty easy.  =)  I'm thinking I'll try to do all the races I've ever done, that includes the Nookachamps in Jan, Have a Heart (which I've now done 2 times, here and here, and is my first official race that I ran) is in May as well, the Berry Dairy Days run is in June (which was my first half), and the Skagit Flats is in Sept.  Those races equal to over half the year. 

I was getting ready for work the day after my birthday and was still feeling really down.  I didn't want to "adult" that day, so I didn't.  I called in sick and stayed home.  In fact, for most of the day I put my phone on silent and in another room and ignored it all day.  I turned off my computer and read a book.  It rained that dreary, western WA rain that I normally hate, but really enjoyed that day.  I took my book, got another cup of coffee and went outside to sit under the eaves of the roof so I could listen to the rain and the birds.  They were very active in the drizzle we were having.  It really was heavenly and exactly what I needed. 

Even though I didn't really want to, when Maddox went to preschool I went for a run.  I was feeling lazy and very quiet (that's the best way to describe it, peaceful) I didn't feel like running.  But I did anyway.  Then Thursday, my normal run day, I was going to run but a series of events happened and I didn't.  I decided it would be fine to just run on Friday. 

Then on Friday I had forgotten I was doing happy hour with an old coworker . . . but we never drink very much when we are together, so when I got home around 7 I went for a 4 mile run (instead of 5 as planned). 

Saturday was the first of a series of runs I'm going to do, the Super Skagit Jingle Challenge 5K Series.  The run on Saturday was Everyday Superheroes.  It was to benefit caregivers.  I had asked my mom, who was an RN until about 2 years ago, if she still had any of her scrubs, and she did, so she sent me some to choose from.  Everyone else pretty much dressed in superheroes like Superman or something similar, I thought the title "Everyday Superheroes" would make it much more appropriate to dress as an actual everyday superhero.  =) 
I did pretty good with my time, actually.  My mapmyrun app said I finished in 26.12 min, which is not a PR, but is pretty fast for me right now.  I thought that I was first (or at least 2nd or 3rd) in my age group so I stuck around to see if I won anything.  Sadly, they only gave out prizes to the top female, top male, top teen, top kid over 8 and top kid under 8. I hung out for awhile longer because they said they were raffling prizes.  I was there for a good hour, at least, after I finished, then I realized the raffle was something you had to buy tickets for, which I hadn't, so I left.  The results are still not up on the webpage, but I'll let you know when they are.  =)

Overall, the race was fun.  I can totally see taking Maddox to it next year, or maybe in 2 years.  There were lots of kids and it was at a great park that he would have loved to play at.  I think I'm going to keep it in mind for future years.  =)
My long run Sunday was actually "only" 12 miles.  I'm tapering now, so I'm done with the crazy long runs, at least until my marathon.  I hear that most people hate tapering, but I am actually rather relieved.  I have not been as committed to this training as I should have been, and I'm sure it will show on Oct. 25th.

I got a medium tshirt for the race on Saturday and it is huge.  I feel like I'm swimming in it.  I am pretty bummed it's so big, I don't like baggy shirts while I run.  I wore it on my 12 mile run and the sleeves were so long I kept thinking that the shirt was hanging off my shoulders.  Seriously, the sleeves go all the way to my elbows, which is kinda weird for a short sleeved shirt.   

My feet have been hurting.  Not plantar facitiis hurt, but arch hurt, and it has me a little worried.  I hope that the weeks of tapering will let my feet heal a little before I have to run 26.2 miles.

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  1. A race a month sounds like a good 40 goal. :-)