Sunday, January 27, 2013

Role model? scary thought

Surprise! not only did I post on Saturday, but here's a Sunday post as well.  =)  Don't worry, I'm sure it won't become a habit.  I just had something to say today.  =)

I went to the dentist a couple weeks ago.  The dental assistant there commented on how good I look from the running I am doing.  Well, earlier this week (I guess it was last week since today is Sunday) she friended me on Facebook and asked me if I had any advice for her because she wanted to start running.  So I very eloquently told her what I got me started and kept me going in the early days.  It was a pretty long message I sent to her on FB and then didn't hear anything at all back from her until yesterday. 
I felt a little foolish, like maybe I said too much and she was just looking for a "good job!" and "you can do it!" or something like that.  Anyway, yesterday she told me she fast walked the "5k challenge" and asked me about a soreness in her foot.  I wasn't sure what she was talking about, so I said good job! and told her how important good shoes are.  I asked her if she did the C25K plan (I had suggested it in my first message even though I've never done it).  Then I thought maybe she was talking about Katie's virtual 5k, so I asked if that was it. She responded and said that was it and then started talking to me via FB messenger. 

Then today she sends me a message saying she's about to go do another 3.1 miles, I was just getting off my butt to go run my 4 miles, so I told her I would run "with" her.  She asked me what I did for an ab workout and I told her that I'm not really doing anything right now.  As I'm headed out she tells me if I do 100 crunches, she'll do 100 crunches, so I agreed.  So, today after my 4.39 mile run, I did crunches, pushups and I broke out my neglected kettle bell and did the workout that I was doing pretty regularly in the late summer/early fall until I hurt my hip.  

While looking at that one today, I found this new one.  I think I'll try that next.  =)  I forgot how much I enjoyed the kettle bell.  However, I think I need to get a heavier one.  The one I have is only an 8lb one.  This other workout has multiple different sizes, and the 8lbs was a little light.
Anyway, I don't know how I feel about this person asking me for advice about running.  I just do it because I enjoy it. Everything I know about it has come from reading other's blogs.  I don't want to give her bad advice . . . but it is very flattering. 
I actually really enjoyed the idea of running with someone else even though we weren't together.  And then doing the crunches because she told me she would do them too, I think that is pretty cool.  I'd like to continue having a "virtual" workout buddy.  I've never had any type of workout buddy, so even a virtual one is welcome to me.  =)

I have another friend, someone I've known since I was about 3 years old, who talks about wanting a walking/running buddy but she lives near The Dalles, OR and it's hard to get together to go for a "wog" when it's 3+ hour drive.  Anyway, later this week I'm going to talk to her about doing a virtual workout together this weekend. 

Speaking of this friend . . . I posted my blog post yesterday on Runs for Cookies' FB page (she said to do that to let her know how your 5K went), anyway, I forgot that this friend also likes Runs for Cookies on FB and she saw my blog post and commented on it.  No one *no one* in my real life knows I have a blog. . . Well, Chris knows, but he has never read it.  So it was pretty humbling to have someone I actually know read what I wrote.  She said she enjoyed it, but it does make me worry that others will find out.  I don't write deeply personal stuff, but I don't think I really want people who I actually know to judge me or think I'm weird.  =)

*31 days till Disneyland!

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