Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Food poisoning

For some reason I can no longer add pictures to my blog on this computer.  I really like having pictures on here, so I guess I will have to start writing my blog at work, and then remember to add the pictures when I get home and then post it.  I just need to be diligent about it.  Pictures make it so much nicer.  =)

Anyway, yesterday I went to work as normal, taking my coffee from home.  I was drinking my coffee and thought it tasted a little "off" but I have been sick, so I figured it was just my taste buds.  Well, I decided after about a third of the mug that I couldn't drink it anymore, it just didn't taste right.  Then right before lunch I started feeling queasy.  I couldn't even eat lunch, I had 2 pieces of toast and I barely kept that down. 

As part of my job I go to court every other Monday, and yesterday was a "court Monday."  So I couldn't call in sick at lunch time, I decided to tough it out and go to court.  I went back to work and saw my mostly undrunk (is that a word) coffee mug and decided to empty it out.  When I dumped it out, there were chunks in the bottom of the cup.  Ugh!  It was so gross and the smell was horrific!  I almost lost my lunch then. 

I don't know what was the culprit, I add 2 tblsp creamer (one is nothing) and 2 tblsp almond milk to my coffee.  (I prefer 4 tblsp creamer, but that's 240 calories in one cup of coffee!)  Anyway, one of those two things must have been bad when I added it.  I know there wasn't any chunks when I put it in the mug, so the only thing I can think of is that when I added it to the hot coffee it curdled.  Yuck!!

Anyway, I ended up going home early.  I couldn't handle being at court.  Luckily, I am one of 3, so my co-workers was able to take over, but it does suck missing it.  I laid down for awhile and felt better not moving.  I still couldn't eat dinner, and went to bed at 8pm.  However, I didn't fall asleep right away and about 9pm I was starving so I got up and had a small snack.  I felt much better after that and went right to sleep. 

Then at about 12:30 Chris came in with Maddox who had thrown up all over his bed.  He wanted me to hold Maddox for a few min while he cleaned out the crib.  Poor guy!  There is this really horrible 24 hour flu-thing going around here.  I've heard several people saying that there's a lot of throwing up and diarrhea for about a day and then it goes away.  I was so dreading Maddox having it.  =/

Then this morning as I was in that space before you're fully awake but not really asleep anymore, I was thinking about how I felt.  I really felt terrible, and was thinking maybe it wasn't food poisoning, but was actually the horrible flu-thing.  I decided I would get up and move around a little and see how I felt.  Luckily, once I was fully awake and moving I felt completely fine.  I was still worried about Maddox though.

When he woke up I went in and got him.  It looked like he might have been sick (a tiny bit) again, because there was something on the pillow and blanket Chris gave him.  I pulled that out and then put all his bed stuff from last night and this morning in the washing machine.  He did his normal morning fussing until I got him some milk and he could sit with me and then he acted completely fine.  I have no idea why he threw up last night, but he wasn't sick this morning, thankfully.

Unfortunately, my run-in with food poisoning meant that I didn't run yesterday.  Damian has a basketball game today and then we have to go grocery shopping, so that means that I may not have time to run today either.  =/  I really hate missing so many days, so I may just run when I get home, even if it is 9pm (which is probably will be).

I have now seen 157.-- on the scale 3 times.  Never on my official weigh-in day (which is still Friday, even though I haven't updated my Scale Obsession page in a really long time), but if 157 is true, then I have officially lost 20 lbs.  =)   That is really exciting for me, until I started thinking about how long it's been since I started trying to lose some weight.  It's been almost a year.  I started running at the end of February last year.  So in 11 months, I've lost 20lbs.  That is long time to lose so little.  =(  I get depressed when people don't notice the weight I've lost, I definitely see it, but no one else seems to notice it.  No wonder though,  I'm losing it so slowly, no one will ever notice.  =(  Sigh.  Oh well, at least it's coming off, even if it is slow.

I think I will go update my Scale Obsession page now.  =)

 . . . Came back this evening to post a picture, and I can't post a picture on my home computer either.  I don't know why.  =(


  1. Ugh! Food poisoning is the worst! I do hope your feeling better now--I saw on DailyMile you got a treadmill workout in fairly recently.

    Oh, and congrats on 157!

  2. Are you sure about the calories in the creamer? Half and half only has 20 per tablespoon, it's hard to imagine creamer having so much more....

  3. Hope you are all feeling a little better soon!