Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Workout buddy

Sunday I ran 4.4 miles (or so) outside.  I did one of my new favorite runs, along the Skagit river.  I was just approaching 2 miles and was going to turn around when I ran into (not literally) an ex-client of mine.  I really connected with this person while I was working with him, I liked him a lot.  However, when he was finished with the program he "fell off the wagon" and really went downhill.  One night I got a message from him on facebook telling me how attractive I was and how he really "liked" me.  It kinda creeped me out, and I tried to avoid him for awhile.  Anyway, that was over a year ago and I've seen him here and there and talked to him, and I'm not so creeped out by him anymore. 

Well, on Sunday when I saw him I didn't quite know what to do.  I was in my running clothes, and not my loose running clothes, there was no where for me to hide, so I had to stop and say hello.  I am over my creepy feelings about him now and like talking to him again, but I am not comfortable in my tight running pants talking to anyone.  Running is one thing, talking  . . . ugh.  Thankfully we kept it short and I turned around and went home. 
Here I am in my running clothes
So my virtual workout buddy . . . have I explained what I mean by virtual workout buddy? Let me digress a minute, I am using "virtual workout buddy" meaning that I am working out with a friend (see this post) but not in the same town, she lives about 30 min north of me and we just talk about what we are going to do, and then what we did do through Facebook.  I have really, really enjoyed doing it with her, even though it's only been 2 days I am seriously sore!

Anyway . . . my virtual workout buddy, April, said that epsom salt baths have become her new best friend.  I have never used epsom salt, so I decided that I would go buy some and try it out.  It is amazing.  I didn't feel 100%, but definitely 75% better afterwards.  =) 

Monday I got a message from April saying she was up to 150 crunches and 5 planks.  Ugh!!  What happened to the easy days of only running 4 miles and being done??  Well, I did her 150 crunches but only did 2 planks.  I did do 50 pushups and the kettle bell workout from Sunday.  My 4 miles on the treadmill was hard.  I was not wanting to do it at all.  I seriously had to tune out, and even then I was only tuning out for .07th of a mile and then I'd realize that I didn't go the mile I thought I had, but actually only a short time. 

Luckily, we had some exciting action on my street that I got to watch unfold for a little while.  A police car (1) stopped a few houses down and then another (police car 2) pulled off onto a cross street.  Then police car 1 pulled forward and I thought was gone, but a few min later was shining a spot light on our house and driving slowly and shining it on everyone's house, I expected it to shine it's spotlight on me in the carport, but it didn't.  Police car 1 suddenly was focusing on a house across the street from me and police car 2 came back.  A few min later a policeman was chasing a guy across the lawn of the house and then another policeman was going after him.  Chris came outside for a smoke (he smokes, I do not) and turned off my audiobook and I stopped the treadmill for a min to hear what was going on, which was just some yelling "help!" by the guy being chased, and the policemen yelling "stop."  Anyway, they restrained him and Chris went inside.  However, a few min later 2 medic ambulances pull up and the guy is loaded into one of them and they drove off. 
My very limited camera view of the action on my street.
I have looked at the Skagt Valley paper online to see if there was any mention of what happened, but there wasn't.  (I miss getting the paper, but I only read it about once a week, so then it piled up in my house.  I realize that I could just get the Sunday paper, but I think what would be the purpose of that, sometimes I want to read it in the middle of the week.) 

Have I mentioned that we have had issues on our street before?  We've had at least 2 drug busts directly across the street from our house, and 2 shootings a couple blocks up from our house in the 5 years we have lived here.
Anyway, I finished my run and limped my way inside.  It was after my run that I decided to go buy some epsom salts and take a bath.  I love baths, I would take one at least weekly, if not more, however, my hot water tank does not hold enough hot water to fill our bathtub.  In order for me to take a bath, I have to boil some water, then pour it into the tub.  Then boil more water to have someone else pour into the tub about halfway through my bath.  It's kinda a pain in the butt.  Anyway, I grabbed my wine and my book and enjoyed my first bath in probably a year and a half.  Afterwards I was still sore, but I felt a little better.  Yesterday my back wasn't so sore, but my shoulders and legs were, today I'm doing much better.

April sent me a message yesterday saying she ran early in the morning and did some weight training, she's going to take today off.  I took yesterday off, so am going to run this evening and do the crunches, pushups, and kettle bell again.  I'm debating on whether I want to run 5 miles or just 4, I'm leaning toward 5.  Tomorrow is zumba and then this weekend I want to run 7 miles.  That will be my longest run to date but I thought last week's 6 miler went really well, so I think I could do another mile . . . or I may just die.  =)

*29 days till Disneyland!


  1. You look great in your running gear. No wonder he thinks you're attractive!!

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