Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My not quite runiversary post

Feb 26th is my one year runiversary. So I was thinking of doing something special.  I thought about trying to run 12 miles, one mile for each month, but I'm in the contemplation stage of running 6 miles regularly, so 12 is a little lofty for a month away.  Then I thought maybe I could do 12K . . . that's 7.456. . .  miles, much more doable in a month.  Then I realized Feb 26th is the day before we leave for Disneyland.  And I will have to work.  So, maybe I will do it on Sunday the 24th.  Afterall, my first attempt at jogging, which looked a lot more like a walk, was on Sunday.

Thinking about that first "run" is very interesting to me.  Chris had just gotten his metal detector and wanted to go to a park to use it, I wanted to go for a walk.  So we loaded up the jogging stroller and we went to a park that is about 2 miles from my house.  There is a trail in that park, and I had never walked it before so I decided to check it out.  The trail wasn't long, or very interesting, just went through a hilly wooded area, and I had the jogging stroller, so it was kinda difficult to maneuver.  After that I decided to "jog" home but I ran into my old pastor and her family so I talked to them for a little bit.  It was the first time I used my mapmyfitness app on my phone and I forgot to pause it while I talked to her. 

Anyway, I started jogging home, and right away I realized the jogging stroller, which we got when Damian was a baby and then I never used (so it is 14 years old now) was pulling to one side.  How annoying.  Anyway, I felt good afterward but from then on I have avoided, as much as possible, using the jogging stroller.  I was so scared of quitting running that I didn't want to take any days off at all.  I had to force myself to take at least one day off a week, so for most of the month of March I went for a run 6 days a week.  I remember feeling panicky if I didn't run, worried that one day off would make me not go the next day.  I don't really remember when that feeling went away, but in April I finally started taking 2 days off a week. 

Even though I was running (wogging) 6 days a week in March, I still was only going 1.5 to 2 miles a day, so my weekly mileage averaged 11.75 miles, then that last week of March I started running 3 miles a day and did 2 days of 4 miles.

My first 4 miles. =)  That makes me smile.  I had forgotten about that route.  For whatever reason, I decided to try to run straight up a hill for a mile, and it was about the 3rd mile, not even close to the beginning of the run.  It was the 3rd Sunday of March and it took me 54 min.  (Last night 4 miles took me 35.27 min.)  The next Sunday I decided to do the same route and I was so happy when I shaved off 10 min.  =)  You can read about it in my first ever blog post, which is rather funny for me to read now.  I also think my second post is kinda funny and it talked a little about my obsession with running every day. 

Anyway, I'm done with the jog (pun intended) down memory lane.  =)

This is from Jan 7, 2012.  My kids look so young =)
D is 13 and Maddox was only 7 months old.
Katie is hosting a virtual 5K for her birthday.  She is turning 31 on Friday, so 3.1 miles fits perfectly with that.  =)  Anyway, I'm pretty sure I joined it, so I'm going to be running "only" 3.1 miles on Friday.  I'm thinking of doing them at a harder pace than normal on my treadmill.  I'm not consistent when I run outside, and I don't have a Garmin or anything like that to keep me to a pace.  I use the mapmyfitness app on my phone to track my distance and over all min/miles, but it's attached to my upper arm, so I can't really look at it easily to see how fast I'm going. 

I'm running comfortably at a 6.7 mph on my treadmill, which equals about a 8.53 min/mile.  I have been increasing the mph to a 7 on my last mile, which is about a 8.34 min/mile.  So I was thinking of running the entire 3.1 miles at a 7 or a little higher.  Maybe I'll run a little faster today or tomorrow to see how I feel about it. 

After re-reading this, it is probably a better runiversary post than some random post in January, but since I'm not very good at planning what I write, I'm going to go ahead and post it.  =)  I'll try to think of something brilliant for my runiversary post.  =)

*35 days till Disneyland =)


  1. Congrats on your upcoming runiversary!

    I was thinking of doing Katie's 5K (walking...I'm not yet back to running....), but I realized that I am booked solid on Friday, so it is a no-go for me. Sigh!

  2. I think about taking up running...but it never gets past a thought. I have such admiration for runners.