Thursday, January 3, 2013

577 miles in 2012

I forgot to add yesterday that my weight has stayed the same this holiday season.  Last year I was breast feeding and lost all my baby weight really quickly and was down to 168 (high of 180 from pregnancy, 170 was before getting pregnant), but then the holidays came and I gained most of it back.  By Feb. I was 177.  This year I started the holiday season at 158.6 and ended it (well, today) at 159, not bad at all.  =)

I was looking at DailyMile yesterday and noticed that I ran 577 miles in 2012.  That is a long distance.  =)  I started Feb 27th 2012 and was running/walking about 2 miles and gradually moved to 3 miles full running.  Then I hurt my leg in July and completely quit running for about a month and a half.  It was a lot longer because I tried to push myself too hard a couple times and re-hurt it.  In fact, sometimes it is still tight, but I don't let it stop me, and it doesn't hurt to actually run, just tight sometimes in the morning.

After also looking at MapMyFitness, that says I have gone 642 miles.  However, that includes all my walks as well.  On DailyMile I didn't include any walks because I just want that to reflect my runs.  When I hurt my leg I was walking to work, and that is 2 miles, plus I did a lot of walking with Chris when it was warmer.  I'm not sure if DailyMile included the "wogs" I did with Chris or not.  I don't remember.
Also on DailyMile I saw that Melinda at Does This Scale Make me Look Fat had started a challenge, 1013 in 2013.  I thought about it and decided to join it.  I did 577 miles in 9 months, with 2 (or so) of those months being hurt.  Plus, I am now running about 4 miles a day, sometimes longer, very rarely less, so I think I can add another 436 miles (putting down on here makes me a little intimidated).  I do want to get up to running 5 miles daily with my longer runs being around 10 miles, so that would really up my yearly mileage. 

I got my treadmill set up last night when I got home.  I was so cold I couldn't screw in the screws because I had lost dexterity in my fingers.  It's actually not that cold out here, I think it was around 40*, but I sure felt cold.  It might have dropped down to 35* by the time we were done (Chris helped).  Anyway, by the time we were done I was so cold I decided not to run on it.  However, I got online and was looking at a friend's comment about how long he had exercised and how many calories he had burned and I decided to run.  While I was running I felt so good, I decided to go 4.5 miles instead of 3 or 4 like I planned.  I probably could have run farther, but I thought Chris would be annoyed with me since he had been with Maddox the entire day and I hadn't done anything except work. 

Well, I was trying to add a picture of my yearly stats from 2012 from mapmyfitness, but I can't get any pictures to upload.  I know that I like reading people's blogs better when there's a picture, but today you all may just have to go without.  =/

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  1. Sounds like you had an awesome year with the miles.