Thursday, January 17, 2013

In pursuit of bling

I forgot to mention yesterday that I opted out of the Hood to Coast (HTC) Relay in August.  As soon as I told the captain I couldn't do it, I was sad and kinda wished I could take it back.  However, one of the reasons I am not going to do it is because of the cost.  It's only $341, which seems small compared to the $2000 Katie said she spent on the Florida Ragnar Relay she just did.  (The $341 is just for the registration, rooms and vans, that's not including travel - gas - and food.) The money is due for the HTC by tomorrow.  We are going to Disneyland Feb. 27 and the rest of that payment is due on Jan. 28th, so I just can't swing both costs right now.

The second reason I'm not going to do it is because I am scared of being in a van with a bunch of strangers.  I'm not scared for my safety, I am just not comfortable being around people I don't know.  I realize that it would probably be okay, and everything would work out.  In fact, one of my childhood friends is planning on driving the van I was going to be in, but still.  It scares me. 

The last reason I backed out is because I just don't know about the runs.  I think know I could do it but I haven't run farther than 6 miles, ever.  And that was a very, very flat 10K. 

Speaking of running farther . . . I was looking at the race schedule at Skagit Runners and found this half- marathon.  You know what sold me on it?? There's a medal.  =)  I have done 3 races and still have no medal.  I'm after the bling!!  =)

I guess I should start looking at training programs for a half-marathon, and maybe find another 10K to do . . .

I was not really happy with my run last evening.  I had a hair appt right after work, and Chris gets upset when I'm gone for the entire day, do my hair (zumba, anything) and then run right away, leaving him with Maddox for the entire day and evening.  And I agree, I don't like it when he does the same on my days off (he metal detects).  So I decided to run after Maddox went to bed.  Problem is, I had been thinking I wanted to run 5 or 5.5 miles.  But I just didn't want to run that far (read that long) at 8:30pm.  So I decided I would increase the incline and only run 3 miles.  Well, at mile 2 I decided I would put the incline back to 1 and run faster for a mile starting at 2 1/2 miles (running 3 1/2).  Then I decided if I was going to run 3 1/2 miles, I might as well run 4 . . . =)  So at mile 2 I decreased the incline (to catch my breath) and then at mile 3 I increased the speed and ran the last mile at a 7.  I know that 6.7 speed is 8.58 min/mile but am not completely sure what a 7 is.  (I know this because my Dad's treadmill shows both the mph and the min/mile and while I was there at Christmas I played around between a 6 and 7 mph to find a 9 min/mile.)  Anyway, the whole run just felt harder and longer than normal. 

Damian's got another basketball game tonight, which means if I run, it will be another late evening run.  I really don't enjoy doing it so late, but again I feel like I have no excuse not to.  I'm looking forward to basketball season being over so I can go back to zumba.  =)  Next week is Damian's last game, but then he starts wrestling . . . I love that he's so active, but it does keep my house really, really busy. 

41 days till Disneyland!


  1. I so admire people who even give a second thought to doing any kind of long distance running even it it's 5k. It scares the life out of me.

  2. Yes, you did forget to mention to me that yiu dropped out! :( lol I'll be expecting a tshirt from