Saturday, January 26, 2013

Runs for Cookies 5K and 6 miler

A virtual 5K feels a lot like a regular 3.1 mile run.  =)  Yesterday was a nice day outside here.  Not too cold and not raining, in fact the sun came out.  Unfortunately, I really wanted to do my 5K on the treadmill because I wanted to go faster than normal and, like I said the other day, I am not good at pacing myself and can't see my phone while I run to adjust my speed.  So I set up my audiobook (Mockingjay, the last Hunger Games book) and set my treadmill to 7.2mph with an incline of 1.  At least my treadmill is in my carport so I could act like I was enjoying a run outside.  =) 

Chris came home when I had about a mile left and took a picture of me. 
 It's not an attractive picture, but oh well.  =)  I did realize that 7.2mph was not too hard.  I think I could have upped it to at least 7.4.  I was able to talk the whole 3 miles and didn't feel horribly out of breath or anything at the end.  I kinda wish I had pushed myself harder on it, but I finished in 25:51, so that's good.  =)

After my run
Today I went for my 6 mile run.  As soon as I left my house I was regretting my decision to do 6 miles outside.  It was raining and windy.  Very windy.  That first mile is always the worst, I always hate the first mile.  It doesn't help that almost every route I take from my house the first mile has an uphill road.  Anyway, the wind was against me as I was running up the hill from my house and I seriously thought about turning around and doing the run on the treadmill.  Then I thought that I didn't have to do 6 miles, I could make it a short run instead.  I didn't, I just kept going. 

I started out going on my regular 5 mile run but changed it halfway through to make it a 6 mile run.  I actually really liked the route I went.  It went down a really steep hill and was more gradual going uphill back home, and I got to run along the Skagit River, which is always nice.  =)  The fourth mile I was really dying.  I don't really know why, it was flat and the wind was to my back, but I really felt tired.  Mile 5 wasn't too bad, until I was almost home.  So the last quarter mile I cranked up "California Girls" and lipsync-ed my way up the hill.  =)  When I did the Fowl Fun Run 10K I didn't know how far I'd gone or how much farther I had to go because I didn't know the route. I think that was much harder for me.  Knowing where I was and how far home was made me feel like I could finish easily.  

 I wanted to run the 6 miles at a 10min/mile pace, but obviously that didn't happen.

*32 days to Disneyland!


  1. Cathy .... I am seriously jealous of your fitness level. I was reading through your post and just sensing your determination to get that 6 mile run done. Throw in the weather but you just kept yourself going. What grit and determination. I am awed.

    1. You'll get there. When I started running (walking) there's no way I could have gone 6 miles. I was barely able to go 2 miles.