Sunday, August 17, 2014

Low mileage, yoga, and a job possibility

Cutest marshmallow face ever!
This month is looking like it might be the lowest mileage month I've had this year.  It is so tempting to increase my mileage so I have more miles this month.  Last week I only ran 15.9 miles.  *Sigh*  And since I'm not planning on increasing my miles (much, I may increase my daily miles to 4 and my "long" run to 5), I'm scheduled to only run another 15 or so miles this week and next, that puts me at a whopping 45(ish) miles for the month of August.   It is soooo hard to see those numbers.  I don't want to have run so little this month.  Like I said I am very, very tempted to increase my mileage, or at least the number of days I run.  (I'm only running every other day.)

However, I know that after my run my feet hurt, quite a bit, the rest of the day.  My day off I have very little issues with them, other than when I first stand up after sitting or laying down for awhile.  How long would I have to give up running for this to completely heal?  A year ago I took a full month off, and my foot definitely got better, but it never got back to 100%.  And now both feet are hurt and I'm frustrated with it.  I'm so done with plantar faciitis.

I have started doing yoga on the days that I don't run.  I found a 20 min beginner yoga for runners and I've done that 4 days now.  Today I added another 25 min yoga for runners (total 45 min).  I like the first lady a lot, but found the second one a bit harder to follow.  I hope after I've done the second one a few times I'll be able to follow it better.  I like both of their moves though because they really focus on the hips, which is sorta what I need.  I also like how I feel after doing it.  It's not the same feeling as after a run, which is more of an exhausted, I can't believe I just ran 10 miles, fantastic feel.  It's more of a loose, but strong and energized feeling. 

I had an interview a week ago on Friday.  I thought it went great, in fact, I thought she was going to offer me the job while I was there.  However, in the last 5-10 min she mentioned I would have to come back on Monday for a 2nd interview.  She gave me the impression that the 2nd interview was more of a formality, I just needed to meet with the "bosses."  She talked salary (a big pay raise), vacation, benefits, job duties, everything.  (The job I was interviewing for was different than the job I applied for, it was full time, and had A LOT of responsibility, most of which I don't remember now because she kinda just threw it all out there all at once.) She said she would call me later that evening to set up the 2nd interview.

Anyway, that afternoon I was checking my email and had one from her saying they had someone interview that had better experience than me, and would I still be interested if it fell through.  I said I would and that was that.  No job.  I was really disappointed, especially after the impression she gave me.
Then on Tuesday I was again on my email (which seems to be her preferred method of communication) and she had emailed and asked if I was interested in a part time case manager/case aid position.  I said yes, asked how many hours.  She said 30 hours and would I be able to start last week since the person that would train me is leaving soon.  I said yes.  Then she said that I would have to interview with the owners.  And THEN she said that it actually wasn't an open job yet, she needed to talk to the bosses about it.  (I have come to realize that she tends to get ahead of herself and is very bad at acting like I have a job when in fact it's still up in the air.)

Anyway, she must have been successful in talking the "bosses" into opening up the job, because Thursday morning she emailed me and asked if I was available to meet the bosses at Bob's Burger and Brew (a local restaurant...interesting place for an interview) for coffee on Friday.  Anyway, it's part time, no benefits (which sucks because Chris's benefits suck and are expensive for me to get on them) but it has the possibility of going to full time.  BUT I have to get through the interview with the "bosses" first.

So on Friday I went to Bob's Burger and Brew and was waiting for the guys (I was told it would be brothers interviewing me).  5 min after I was supposed to meet the guys, I got a call.  It was from one of them asking where I was.  I told him I was waiting at Bob's, he said he was too.  Turns out he was at the Bob's farther south, and I was at the one that is in town.  Anyway, we agreed to find a place in the middle and we would touch base when one of us found something.  Luckily he called me first and said he was headed to a rest area about half way between where he was and where I was. 

This felt much more like an interview.  I told him how I was qualified for the job and he told me what the job entailed.  He did mention that the job I was interviewing for would most likely go to full time eventually, which is good.  We talked salary and he said he would email me on Monday to let me know.  So now I wait.  I am very hopeful about this job.  It is in the field I want to be in, and part time is actually preferable to me, my last job was 30 hours as well, so it would be good to "transition" back to work with the same hours as before, before going to full time.

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