Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stop by Saturday - even though it's Tuesday

I am dying to go running.  I was able to wear ridiculously high heels to work yesterday, in fact, they didn't hurt my calf at all to walk in, but as soon as I took them off and was walking flat footed my calf hurt.  And today I am wearing flats and my calf twinges (hurt is too strong of a word) more than it did yesterday.  The only way I can think that it is like that is because when I'm wearing heels my calf doesn't really move much, it's already flexed.  But when I wear flats my calf has to work to walk.  It definitely makes me want to just head out for a run because it feels so good.  However, Sunday taught me a lesson, I need to let my calf heal.

Instead I did the stepper again for 45 min yesterday.  I just don't feel like I get that much of a workout when I use that thing.  I don't know why, I am still sweating, and I still have to force myself to finish the last 10-15 min, but it just feels different.  After the stepper I did 100 sit ups and 45 push ups (not at once, 3 sets of 15 is all I could manage and they had to be the "girl" kind, I normally try to do a few of the regular kind but with my calf I can't right now) and then spent a lot of time stretching.  I felt really good afterwards, but it still wasn't the same as running. (Have I mentioned I miss running?) =)

Chris started a new exercise plan yesterday with a friend of his.  His friend, Anthony, is really into thrift stores.  He goes to them all the time, he's bought several used exercise machines and has made a make-shift gym in his garage, that 95% of the time collects dust and clothes.  Well, Anthony cleaned his garage and rearranged his gym (again) to use the equipment and invited Chris over.  Chris went over yesterday and said he felt good afterwards.

I really want Chris to lose some weight, not because of his appearance but because of his health, but how annoying is it that I have been active and "healthy" for almost 5 months and have only lost 15 lbs (and now have gained 3 of them back) and Chris keeps weighing himself everyday since coming back from vacation and telling me he's lost "another lb."  I'm happy for him, but really? you have to tell me every day you've lost weight.  I guess what bothers me is how fast he seems to be losing.  Guys suck!  I wish they had to struggle more to lose.

Today Chris went for a walk with me.  It was a little over 2.5 miles, so a decent walk.  When we got home I started to do the stepper and noticed something funny.  I looked down and one of the steps was completely bent.  I do not know how that happened, but I can't use it.  So I decided to do a work out with a "game" we bought when we got our xbox kinnect, YourShape.  I do not like the work out on it..  If my heart rate even got up, it went right back down when it pause for 20 secs to go to the next move.  It was really terrible.  I guess I will try OnDemand's exercise videos tomorrow.

A fellow blogger, Melinda, started "Stop By Saturday's."  I haven't participated just yet because, well, I just haven't.  But I have wanted to, so even though this isn't Saturday, I thought I would participate in this last week's post. 

The question this week is:

What is your exercise of choice?

If anyone has read any part of my blog since I started (see above) =), then they know that I love running.  I love the feeling after a great run, and I actually love most of the time I spend running.  As I said above, I haven't ran for a little while, and I really miss it.  I am a better person when I get a run in. 

I almost forgot . . . today is National Tequila Day.  I need a margarita!  :-)


  1. I'm glad you participated in Stop By Saturday this week! I should probably change the name so people won't think that you can only participate on Saturdays...hmmm!

    1. I'm sorry I haven't before now. I will try to be better at it. I don't think you need to change the name though. You say you can participate any time during the week.