Friday, July 20, 2012

A really long post with a short update on camping

Our camping trip to San Juan Island was nice. My friend Matt went with Damian, Maddox and me on Friday.  We had a pretty spectacular lightning show that night, it was very amazing. Then Saturday Chris and our friend Kyle joined us.  Monday Matt went home because he had to work on Tuesday.   My friend, Matt, stayed up with Damian every night he was here to look at the stars, which was nice because I went to bed fairly early because of Maddox's early mornings.

We went to Friday Harbor on Sunday, but didn't really do much. We went kinda late in the day and a lot of the shops closed. Plus, Chris and I have been there 2 times before, so we had really seen everything before.  Tuesday we went to Roche Harbor, which is the rich port of San Juan Island, and again, didn't really do much. We took showers because the campground doesn't have shower facilities, not even the pay kind. But both Roche Harbor and Friday Harbor have them. Anyway, after leaving Roche Harbor, we went to the English camp, which I'll tell you about in a min.

The San Juan Islands were disputed about "ownership" when America was being formed. The Oregon Territory agreement (whatever that was called) was signed, but it wasn't clear where the boundary was in the water. The agreement said through the "strait" but there are 2 straits between WA and Canada, so England claimed one strait on one side of the islands, and America claimed the other on the other side of the islands. The British had a camp on San Juan Island and the Americans had a camp there as well. It was considered a "war" but no shots were fired and no one was ever injured. (There's also a story about a pig and how it got started, the pig was the only casualty of the war, but I don't remember it completely so am not going to try to write it down.) It was finally settled by arbitration by some German guy. :-) We've visited the American camp, but never the English camp.
The snooty Commander's wife took the enlisted men's vegetable garden
and created a flower garden that could be seen from her house on top of a hill.

Anyway, Tuesday we decided to stop there on our way back to the campground. We parked and Chris said he thought the Camp was one direction and I thought it was the other, we ended up going Chris's direction. :-) That ended up to be the way to the "cemetery" (6 whole graves, all of who drowned accidentally) and up a trail. When I say "up" I mean straight up a small mountain. :-) So we ended up hiking up Young Hill, which was a great view, but it was quite a hike. A mile straight uphill, in flip flops, with Maddox strapped to my back . . . :-)
Chris said this picture really shows
how much weight I've lost.

the view from the top of Young Hill
Wednesday we went back to the English camp and actually toured it. And then we went on a 2 mile hike, which was flat, and we were prepared for. :-)

The weather was really nice. Just the thunder storm Friday night and drizzle most of Sunday, but the rest of the week was pretty sunny and warm. The whales weren't as impressive this year. The last time we went we saw them twice a day from our campsite, but this year I think we saw them 3 or 4 times total from our campsite. Don't get me wrong, it's still amazing, just not as amazing. ;-)
Friday night beginning of the thunderstorm
There are small dots out there that are whales :-)

Maddox seemed to have fun. He wanted into everything. We couldn't keep him still. He was super good about the fire, and only once tried to burn himself which he didn't succeed at. 
We had to contain him in the tent sometimes.

Yesterday when we got home none of us wanted to even turn on the tv. We all sat in the living room, Chris and I reading, and Damian playing cards. . . .

All-in-all it was a great trip.  :-)

Oh, speaking of Damian. His team lost at the Little League baseball state tournament. His first game was Monday (which he missed) and they lost. So they played Wednesday (which he also missed) and they lost again, which means they are out. Damian was pretty bummed that he didn't get to play any of the games and was saying he wished he had skipped camping. But I bet if he had gone to the games and lost, he would have said he should have gone camping. :-) Anyway, I am relieved I don't have to drive down to Port Orchard today (at least a 2+ hour drive where the game would have been if they won on Wednesday) but am sad for Damian that he didn't get to play at all in the state tourney. I did tell him that may happen though. Oh well. At least he can say he's been on a state all-star team. :-)

Today I was so excited to do my first run after being gone for a week.  I didn't actually get to run while there.  The roads were super narrow and there were a lot of hills, so I was kinda scared to try.  Anyway, when I got off work (whoever, the idiot was that scheduled me to work on Friday after vacation {me} needs to be shot!) today I went for a run.  While I was running a guy said something to me about cooling me off with the hose he was using to water his sidewalk, I turned and laughed and said no, and when I turned back, I felt a pop in my calf region and then couldn't put weight on my leg.  I had to call a friend to come get me (Chris was still working).  For a little while tonight I couldn't even put my weight on it, I've been icing it all night, and it feels better now, but I think I may not be able to run for a few days.  I am extremely bummed.  I had been looking forward to my run today sooooo much, and then I hurt myself.  Ugh!!!!

Not surprisingly, my weight went up on my trip.  I did no runs and I ate like crap.  This morning I weighed 165.6.  *sigh*  And now I can't even run to get it back down.  ugh!!


  1. Weight is a fickle thing...takes forever to lose..but can gain like 10 lbs in two days. But you have to have fun and "let loose" every now and then. I have no doubt that you will lose the weight in no time.:) I'm glad that you had a nice time and I LOVED the pics!!

    1. I agree, Tammy, I refuse to not be able to take a vacation and have a good time now and then. May be why I keep staying in the same weight range, but I guess I'll live with it. :-)