Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy (late) 4th of July

I fully intended to write yesterday, even if it was just a short post.  However, I didn't (obviously).  We went to a small(er) town close by for their logging rodeo.  It was pretty fun.  We went with some friends of ours, they have 4 small kids, so we waited at their house for a while for them to get rounded up.  We ended up missing the chainsaw carving event, which I was really looking forward to.  We did make it to the actual logging show.  Chris really enjoyed it, but I thought it got a little long and boring. 

After the logging show we made our way to the carnival.  When did carnivals get so expensive?  $30 for 10 tickets . . . you can get a unlimited pass for $25, although, only one person can use an unlimited pass, but still.  We ended up not doing any rides.  I get sick on rides now, I didn't use to, but I guess somewhere along the way I got old.  We ate and stood wandered around a lot.  Finally we saw a park that was right behind the carnival, so we took Maddox over there and let him play on the swings and the slide.  (Completely free carnival for Maddox, what a novel idea!)  Damian took a friend with him and we let them wander around the carnival on their own.  Sadly, we didn't have a lot of money to give him, so he only got to ride one or two rides, but he said he had a good day. 

He loved the slide . . .

and the swing

but wasn't sure about her pushing him.
We went home before the fireworks show and fed Maddox, let him take a short nap.  That kid is stubborn!  He didn't fall asleep at all while we were out.  When D was a baby he would fall asleep the second he was in a moving object (car, stroller, etc) but not Maddox.  I guess there was just too much going on. 

We ended up going to the Mt. Vernon fireworks show.  We heard it was better than the other town's, but it seemed so short to me.  I don't know if Maddox enjoyed it or not.  When the fireworks started, he made a couple sounds that sounded a little like crying, but when I looked at him he had a smile.  After a few "booms" he definitely whimpered a little, but then he would clap his hands.  Whatever he thought of it, he was glued to the sky.  :-)

We went straight home after the fireworks and I went to bed.  I work this morning.  D stayed up and lit off some leftover fireworks from last year (we didn't buy any this year) and watched the neighbor's fireworks, along with the rest of the town's displays.  I was worried about all the "booms" keeping Maddox awake, but he fell right asleep.  I, too, didn't hear any booms after my head hit the pillow.  It was a busy day!

I hope everyone else had a safe and fun 4th of July!

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