Friday, July 27, 2012

Comfortable weight

Remember here when I said that 170 was my body's comfortable weight.  I couldn't get past that damn number.  That was April 5th, then here I weighed 168.8.  I haven't seen 170 on the scale since April 13th.  Well, I think I have reached a new comfortable body weight.  I haven't seen much of a loss for a while.  On May 11th I reached 165.6, and then fluctuated for a few weeks before seeing 163 on June 8th.  And now I'm going up and down between 165 and 163.  I (amazingly) saw 161 on June 1st, but I think that was a fluke.  I realize it's my bad choices that is making me go up and down so much.  A 2.6 lb gain on June 22nd, taking me back up to 164 and then my disastrous gain last week of 3.6 going all the way back to 165.6 (last time I weighed that much was May 11th).  Anyway, all these numbers and dates are just for me to say I suck at this weight loss thing I need to get back on track and be super good about eating and exercise.  My body may have found another "comfortable" zone, somewhere between 163 and 164, but I won't let it stop there.  I want my comfortable zone to be in the 140's or (dare I say it?) even lower. 

Today I weighed in at a nice 163.4.  I am very happy to see such a drop from last week.  I wish it was lower, I wish I could say I am finally out of the 160's.  On April 23rd I talked about seeing 162 for the first time and was so excited and commented that i couldn't wait to see 15- . . .  I still haven't seen that number.  There is nothing I can do to change what has happened, all I can do is change what will happen.  I can work harder at eating better and get the scale to drop more.

I just had a thought, I wonder if the scale stopped dropping about the time I cut way back on breast feeding Maddox.  I am still nursing him a little, but only in the morning when he wakes up and in the evening before bed.  I actually am supposed to be stopping altogether, I'm going on a weekend trip with my sister the beginning of September and I won't have Maddox at all. 

I walked again to work today.  Yesterday after walking in the morning I was so energized and felt so great.  It was a great walk to work and felt like it took no time at all.  The afternoon walk home wasn't so great, mostly because it was hot, but I still decided to walk this morning.  I chose different music to listen to this morning, thought I'd listen to Christian music on Pandora, and it was definitely a slower walk today.  Also, the sun was not shining, it was foggy and started to mist while I was walking.  Normally the mist doesn't bother me too much, but today I decided to straighten my hair, when I got to work my hair was a fuzz ball.  It was sad, luckily I had a ponytail holder with me so I just threw it back.  I'm wasn't looking forward to the walk home, but I listened to some upbeat music and it wasn't bad.  Not as hot as yesterday and felt quicker than this morning.

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