Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Camping and Clippers

Last evening after my run I weighed myself . . . like I always do.  (I have found that I often weigh significantly less after my runs than anyother time, including the morning.)  Anyway, I weighed in at 161.2.  That is the first time I've seen 161 since my weigh-in on 6/19, and then I skyrocketed 2.5 lbs the next week.  Anyway, I didn't think much of it because, like I said, I always weigh quite a bit less after my runs.  However, I got on the scale this morning (after I pee'd, like I always do) and I was pleasantly surprised to see 161.8.  I realize this is not my weigh in day, and I have pretty much an entire week before my official weigh-in, but it is nice to see those numbers.

However, I am leaving to go camping on Friday afternoon.  I will be gone for a week.  So that's a week of camp food, alcohol, and s'mores . . . so I'm sure next Friday I will be right back up to 164 again.  I would really like to run while I am camping, but after researching the campgrounds, I noticed there are no showers, not even ones I can pay for.  So a week of no showers, and then if I want to run . . . that is one sweaty, stinky mess I would be.  So I don't know. . . I'm taking my running clothes just in case, and maybe there's somewhere I can hose off.  ;-)  I'll bring soap just in case.

Today I ran 2.93 miles. I'm always annoyed when I get home and see I've run less than 3 miles. Other than being almost completely uphill one way, it was a nice run. Or maybe I think that because the last half was almost completely downhill so it felt good. :-) Who knows, I just know I felt great when I got home, which is always a good feeling. haha

A friend let us borrow some hair clippers so I can groom our dog, Gizmo.  We usually take him to a groomers in the summer, but it's so expensive.  I wanted to get him groomed before our trip.  Anyway, I tried out the clippers tonight and he was laid back, acted like he was getting petted. It was so easy, I was surprised.  Now we're going to have to buy some clippers. I bet 1 or 2 uses would pay for them.

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