Thursday, July 12, 2012

a PACKED car!

Car is packed!  Just 1 night of sleep, 30 min jog, 1 1/2 hours of getting ready, and 4 hours of work, and we are off!  I am getting excited . . . well I would be, if I wasn't so tired!  It's been a long, busy day. 

Nothing else will fit!
I don't know how much cell service there is on San Juan Island, I do know I won't have my computer.  But I can post from my phone . . . as long as there is service.  I will try to post at least every other day (fingers crossed) from my camping trip.  I know all 7 of you will be dying to know if I was able to find somewhere to run, and even more curious to know if I found showers, or if my family died from my stink.  :-)  I may just post montages of photos, but when I load them from my phone, they tend to be a bit grainy.  As evidenced by my post of the other day.

Tomorrow is my weigh in.  The other day I saw 161 again, but today it's been 164 and 163 . . . so I don't have my hopes up.  Next week will be terrible, I'm sure.  I guess I'll do the best I can and see what happens.

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