Sunday, April 1, 2012

1 minute muffins

Why are weekends so short?  Wouldn't it be nice to work 2 days and have 5 days off and still get paid as if you worked the 5?  Trips to my parents' house always go so fast.  My sister drove this time and on the way home today both my kids fell asleep.  We decided as long as kids are sleeping, we're not going to stop.  Maddox, the baby, woke up about 45 min from her house (I have another 45 min past her house), Damian fed him in the car and we barely stopped long enough to move into my car.  We made it the whole way in 4 hours, which is the fastest time I've had for a while.  I'm usually stopping 2-4 times.

I got home started watching TV with Chris.  I was completely tired of sitting, so talked him into going for a short walk.  It was heavenly.  :-) 

I've been eating 1-minute muffins for breakfast.  They take some getting used to, but are very filling.  They definitely need some type of topping, but they are good.  This morning I put half a banana in it with peanut butter and the second half of the banana on top.  It was really good although I think my favorite one was Katie's recipe although I used flaxseed instead of almond flour.  I want to buy some almond flour to try that. 

Wow, I'm really tired tonight.  I have no witty comments to make.  Maybe my brain only works when I run everyday.  I haven't run since Thursday.  I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things tomorrow. 

I still need some new shoes.  If anyone knows of a good pair, I'm open to suggestions.  My shoes are shot and the ones I bought are really uncomfortable and gave me blisters and shins splints. 


  1. Shoes...have you gone to a running store? Everyone's feet are different so there aren't any shoes that are good for everyone (although I've heard from many to stay away from Nike running shoes).

    I wear Brooks Alexis shoes, which work really well for me.

    1. I wish I had known about the Nike shoes about a month ago. That is what I bought, and they are terrible. I got blisters, which is still healing on one foot and shins splints, which are thankfully gone. I thought they were really heavy shoes. Anyway, what a waste of money. :-(
      I am going to go to the local running store this week, they are the ones that are hosting the Tulip run that I am doing this weekend with my sister. I am definitely going to ask them for help.