Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh how I missed you, ponytail shadow . . .

Today was a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest.  A little cold still, but blue skies are always welcome.  The forecast called for rain with a possibility of thunder storms, but I didn't see any.  Some very nice fluffy clouds were out, but mostly just sun.  I like to watch my ponytail flip in my shadow.  I don't know why, but it's mesmerizing to me. 

I went to my local run shop today to ask about shoes.  She measured my feet and even though I've been wearing size 9 shoes since I was in high school, she said my feet measured 9 1/2.  Then she said that I should be wearing size 10 in running shoes to give my toes room.  I am completely opposed to changing my shoe size (it's hard enough to find cute shoes in size 9), but for running shoes, I will go up a size.  And she was right.  The room in my toes felt awesome.  Unfortunately, I was unable to buy them today.  I have to wait till payday on Friday. 

I think my current shoes have finally said enough is enough.  Yesterday I got shin splints and today they are worse, so I think I will take a rest day tomorrow and get my new shoes on Friday.  Of course I will have to test them out. 

We saw Hunger Games today.  It was very good.  Very, very close to the book.  I ate popcorn.  And then Chris said he wanted to go to Red Robin afterwards, I started out good.  I said I was full and just ordered water.  Then I saw these baja shrimp tacos . . . I ate 2, although, there were 3 on the plate.  Then . . . for dinner I made mac and cheese with hotdogs, and took D for ice cream.  I feel bloated now.  *sigh*  I have to be super good tomorrow for my weigh in on Friday.
I'm thinking of trying out Zumba.  I've never done it but I've heard it's lots of fun.  I saw this sign on my run and think I'm gonna have to try it out. . . .

I was just looking at this picture and realized that April 5th is not on a Monday.  That must be from last year.  I wonder if they still have the classes.  *sigh*

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