Saturday, April 21, 2012

A not so long run

Today I decided I wanted to go a completely different route running.  I didn't know exactly where I was going to go.  I wanted to go for longer than 3 miles but had no destination or exact mileage in mind.  I didn't really decide until I was warming up, I decided to go to a bike trail that is close to my house.  I live near the middle of the trail so I figured I would take what I hoped was the long way to the trail and go to one end and then run to the other end.  When I got to the end of the trail (I've never actually gone all the way to that end) I looked at my mileage, it said 2.64 miles, which I thought was much farther than it felt, but whatever, it's GPS, it's accurate. So I figured I wouldn't go to the other end, I'd just run up the hill to my house when I got to my street.  When I looked at the mileage at my street it was pretty close to 4 miles so I thought that was fast, but cool, I'll just go home. 

I got home and looked at the app on my phone and it said I did 3.91 miles in 24 min.  I was shocked.  I couldn't even figure out how fast that was, I just couldn't believe that I did 4 miles in way less than what I normally do 3 miles in. 

Friday's run
Today's run, look at that avg pace!
I was taking a shower and thinking of all these things to say on my blog.  I wondered if it was because I normally go uphill at the beginning of my run so it makes me slower.  (Today I went downhill at the beginning.)  I even posted my time on facebook.

Well, I decided I needed to look it up on my computer.  Yeah, I didn't run 4 miles . . . I didn't even run 3 . . . this is the true reflection of my run. 
2.47 miles?? That sucks!

I decided to look up the map my phone registered as I ran . . .

My actual route
What my phone GPS registered

I was not happy about it.  I would have gone to the other end of the trail and then back to my street.  I'll probably do that tomorrow, and map the route beforehand so if my phone screws up again I'll know how far 4 miles is.  I'm thinking I should buy myself a Garmin or a Nike+  or something.  It would be nice to be able to have something that beeps or something at each mile so I know.  I'll have to save up for it.

After that disappointing news, Chris text me saying he didn't have much work and was headed home.  We ended up going to the street fair downtown.  It was fun.  The Tulip Festival is fun . . . if it wasn't for all the tourists, it'd be better.  ; )  We didn't go see the tulip fields, we've been there before and don't feel like fighting all the traffic.  The best time is to go in the middle of the week.


  1. Are you using IMapMyRun? I use that and I've noticed that it does strange things like that sometimes. So far, it hasn't been THAT far off, so I haven't been too concerned about it. But still, I don't know why it does that sometimes and other times it is fine? Maybe something to do with the satellites?

  2. Weird!! Yes, save up for a Garmin...I am in love with mine!