Tuesday, April 17, 2012

kinda a blah post today

I am up to 4 followers.  Isn't that exciting?  :-)  So, if you are a follower, thank you so much for spending a little of your day reading about my ordinary life.

Yesterday I posted early in the morning to make up for my lack on post on Sunday and totally meant to post again in the evening.  However, yesterday was a completely boring day.  I didn't run because of blisters and I thought Damian had his first baseball game.  However, western WA weather decided that wasn't going to happen.  So instead of posting on my blog, I decided to try to update it.  I've only been on here a month or so, but I was already tired of my boring page.  Hope everyone likes it.  I do.

Today I went for my run, nothing too special about it.  My  blisters are still sore, but surprisingly they aren't too bad while I run.  I need to decide what I'm going to do.  If I'm just going to run 3 miles a day or if I'm going to increase my distance, or maybe I'll try to speed up.  Right now I'm around 10- 10:45 min miles.  I'd like to be faster, I'd like to do 3 miles under 30 min.  That would be pretty cool. 

I don't think I'm marathon material.  I am not too interested in running 26 miles.  Maybe in the future, but for now, that is not a goal of mine.  I don't even know if I'm interested in a half marathon.  13 miles seems so far.  You know . . . thinking about it, growing up I lived on a farm and the nearest town was about 13 miles away.  It's crazy to think about running that distance, that's a long freaking way.  In fact, I think the next nearest town (where I went to school) was around 25 miles away.  That's an even crazier thought to think about running that distance. 

Anyway, I think I might do a 10K.  I'll think about doing more than that next year. 


  1. I like your new blog style. :)

    Where are your blisters at? You recently got new shoes, right? Good job on your mile times! I am still super slow. I can't wait to get to a 10 minute mile. :) I also, at this point, have no aspirations to run a marathon! I would like to do a half before I'm 30. I am not sure if I'll ever be able to run it, but I'd like to complete one!

  2. I did just get new shoes, which is why it's so frustrating that I have such bad blisters. They were even bought at a running store with the help of an expert. I'm hoping that once they heal they'll turn into calluses. I can't really afford a 3rd pair of running shoes (the first were really bad).

  3. Oh man. Well, I really hope they heal quickly. Blisters are so painful!