Monday, April 30, 2012

A little bit of Zumba

I feel like I only come on here and complain lately. All I want to talk about today is how tired I am. I am exhausted but how interesting is that? So I will try to find something more interesting to talk about.
It poured outside today. D was supposed to have a baseball game this afternoon but it was cancelled. I had decided to not run because of the game but while I was sitting at home waiting for Chris to get up from his nap I decided I didn't want to run in the rain today. (I think I'm also becoming the weather channel, I seem to always talk about the weather as well.)
Tomorrow I'm going to try Zumba. I have never done it but I've heard it's fun and a good workout. Im looking forward to going, I'm going with my former pastor. She left because she has a kid and felt she needed to be a stay at home mom rather than take care of an entire church. She was an awesome pastor and I miss her a lot.
Please excuse any typing errors tonight, I'm actually typing this on my phone. :-)

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