Friday, April 13, 2012

Blisters hurt!

I would think that the proper shoe would not cause blisters, yet, I have blisters.  I have blisters in places I didn't know you could get blisters.  Right on the arch of my foot.  I had one on the inside of my heel, but not my ankle where you normally think of them.  I even bought fancy socks, which I actually think have made the blisters on my arch worse.  The lady at the run shop said that the socks wick away the sweat, and the sweat and slipping are what causes blisters.  Well, she was wrong about the socks . . . or blisters, I don't know.

Right foot, which the blister is bigger.

Left foot, you can see the blister on my heel best,
but there's on on the arch too.

Probably way more than you wanted to see of my feet, but there they are.  :-)

I was going to start doing Zumba on Monday with a friend, but then I realized that D's baseball games are Mondays.  I am very bummed about that.  I haven't tried Zumba, and really want to.  This particular class is free, so I'm really bummed now. 

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