Saturday, April 14, 2012

Orange haired friend

I am seriously bummed.  The blister from yesterday really, really hurt today, the one on my right foot, my left foot isn't bad.  I can barely walk, let alone run.  It was such a beautiful day today, I was sooooo looking forward to running, but as I can't walk with a shoe (or even without) I figured I would never get a quarter of a mile running.  I really do love running and I hate that I can't go.  I also know how easy it is to get out of the habit of running, so I'm super scared that if I have to rest my blister for a few days that I won't start running again.  I just have to not let myself do that this time.  Although, endurance goes away so quickly, that a couple of days of no run will most likely be really noticeable when I start running again.  It's amazing how disappointed I am.  I really, really do like running.

Opening ceremonies for Little League
Today was a beautiful day, kinda cold, but sunny.  Damian's baseball season officially started today.  He didn't have a game, but they did a big jamboree thing and the younger teams had games.  So we did that this morning.  This afternoon I worked in my yard, cleaning up and killing weeds.  Then this evening a good friend of mine came over for a bbq and a fire in our back yard.  I don't see him often enough.  The last time I saw him was at Maddox's babyshower when I was 8 months pregnant. It was fabulous to catch up with him.  I hate it that we go so long between seeing each other. 

I can remember the day I met him.  I had been living in the Seattle area for 6 months and had finally found a job.  It was one of my first days at work and we had a staff meeting, he came to the meeting with orange-yellow hair and bright red skin (sunburn).  I thought he was the weirdest guy.  Who knew then that we would become such good friends?  I can't believe that was almost 11 years ago.  Wow, how time flies!  We were so young.  *sigh*

I forgot to post my weight yesterday.  Sadly, it's not good news.  I am back to 170.  I am really, really annoyed about it.  Monday I was 167, then the rest of the week I was between 168.2 and 168.4.  I get on the scale for my official weigh-in, and I'm up 2 (two, 2!!!!) lbs from Thursday.  I thought maybe it was a blip so I weighed myself today and still 170.  I don't understand why my body likes 170 so much.  I HATE that number.  I can never seem to get under it and any time I do, it goes right back up within a week or two.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your weigh in....I really hate the scale! Try not to let the number undermine all your hard work so far!