Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finally, a 3 mile run!

I'm getting later and later at posting on here.  I almost went to bed without posting at all.  *sigh* That's the first step to justifying that it's okay to skip a day, then it will be two days, and so on.  So, I'm on here at 10pm posting because . . . well, because I need want to.

Last night Chris was complaining about his jaw/teeth hurting.  This morning he said he could barely open his mouth.  I told him he should go to the dentist.  (He has a huge aversion to going to the dentist.)  The thing is, his mom works as a receptionist/accountant at a dentist office and she gets in on her family discount.  So pretty much, she bills our insurance and then we don't have to pay the rest.  Nice, huh? Pretty much free dental . . . I say go as often as needed while it's free, cuz it's not always gonna be free.  ~Chris hasn't been in over a year, I go faithfully every six months with Damian, and will with Maddox as well.

Anyway, he finally calls his mom to make an appt for today.  Maddox had a dr appt for his cough at 11:20, so Chris went to the dentist at 9am.  Chris text me at about 11 to tell me that there's nothing (major) wrong with his teeth, he just got a kernel of popcorn stuck in his gums and it caused an infection.  Funny thing about this, Chris doesn't eat much popcorn I eat a lot, and it was from the kettlecorn I got at the street fair on Saturday, and he doesn't like kettlecorn, he had maybe 3 kernels.  So from those 3 kernels, he got an infection that he had to go to the dentist for. 

He was prescribed some pain pills, which he then took 2 of and he tells me "I'm feeling giggly."  Remember, he still has to take Maddox to his dr appt.  So I asked him if he's okay to drive, and he says "yeah, I'll just close one eye and drive with the other rolmao"  *sigh*  Thankfully he made it okay.  (Maddox just has a cold, but they are testing for whooping cough because there's an epidemic outbreak here.)

I had a hair appt today.  I really like getting my hair done.  I mean, who doesn't?  It's so relaxing to sit there and let someone else do your hair so you don't have to.  I feel the same about pedicures and manicures.  Unfortunately, I'm trying to save for a weekend getaway with my sister when I quit breastfeeding Maddox, so I have to cut back on the pedicures.  :-(  I decided to try to do my own nails tonight, which is why I'm so late posting.  This is my first ever attempt at decorating my toenails, and the actual polish job is not great, polish on the skin, but otherwise I'm kinda proud of them.  :-)

Anyway, to keep Chris from driving as much as possible I decide that I'm going to run home from the hairdressers.  Although, thinking back, this is a flawed plan because the reason I didn't take the car was because he needed to take D to gymnastics.  Anyway, I finally did my 3 miles today.  However, it was no where near the pleasant, "easy" 3 miles I envisioned.  The sun did not shine today, it rained most of the day (thankfully not while I was running) and there was a wind.  I think the last three days of wimpy short runs has lowered my endurance a bit.  Maybe I'm imagining it, but it was not a fun run.  Maybe tomorrow will be better. :-)

Plus, I forgot to use the bathroom before leaving the hair salon, so that determined my route.  I took a detour to a park where I knew there was a restroom.  This should serve as a reminder to remember to use the bathroom before leaving for a run, I seem to have a problem with that . . .
Disgusting but better than a portapotty
 From what I've read, lots of people have bathroom issues while running, but usually only on long runs.  I only run 3 miles for goodness sake! 

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