Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My first 5K

Sigh . . .  Easter candy.  I did not buy much Easter candy this year.  D is too old for all the "fun" Easter stuff and Maddox is too young.  However, I did buy one box of 4 Cadbury cream eggs (yum!) and jelly beans.  (I love jelly beans, the original).  Yesterday we went to the store and it's all on sale. *sigh  I bought some Reese's eggs and a small Easter bunny.  But seriously, it's the jelly beans that keep calling me. 

I did it.  I ran 3.13 miles without stopping.  This includes the hill and even after the hill.  I just slowed waaayyyy down to catch my breath, but I kept going.  So today I accomplished 2 goals.  I ran my entire 3 miles and I have run up my horrendous hill for a full week. 

I think I'm going to enter a 5K and run it.  There is one coming up on May 17th, it's a fundraiser for a local agency that helps homeless and poor people.  They help with housing and all sorts of things.  I have referred so many of my clients there to help with housing, to get a GED, the list goes on.  I think I could accomplish 2 things.  1) I run a 5K and 2) I help a very good agency to help others.   This is the run:  Have a Heart Run.

It has been extremely nice outside so far this week.  We had a fire (in a firepit) outside and Chris bbqed steaks.  I put Maddox down on the grass for a little while and he had no idea what to do.  The texture of the grass really freaked him out.  It was very funny.  Here is a picture of him not moving, because he didn't like the grass.

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