Thursday, November 1, 2012

The day after . . .

I really like having trick or treaters come to my door.  Unfortunately, I do not live in a place where there are a lot of trick or treaters.  The road is too busy and for some reason no one comes to my door.  Last night we had a record low of maybe 6 groups knock on my door, and no one came before dark.  We even had very few teenagers come to the door.  Usually after 8 or so we have a lot of teens (that are not dressed up ~ a pet peeve of mine, teenagers, and no costume) come by.  Last night we had maybe 2 or 3 groups of teens.  I was bummed (not about the teens). 

Maddox was definitely interested in the candy.  =)  We gave him a couple tootsie rolls, and he loved them. 

Our house looked good though, I think.  Chris has a strobe light that he got out and set up behind the pumpkins and I did my glowing eyes and ghosts.  I don't have a camera, so all my pictures are taken on my phone, which aren't bad, but I couldn't get a cool picture of all my decorations.

You can kinda see the ghost . . .

 I tried to get a picture of Maddox's outfit.  We didn't dress him up, but I found the cutest onesie that says "Mummy loves me" and then I put grey and black sweatpants on him.  He was really cute, but he wouldn't stand still so I could get a picture.  (probably the candy)  This is the best I did with Damian holding him.  =)

And finally, Maddox's pumpkin that didn't get carved with the rest of them.  I ended up doing it Sunday or Monday night. 

It says Boo!  Chris thinks it looks like Bod, and my
mother-in-law said it looks like Ben.
I definitely overate yesterday.  I planned to, I wanted some candy, however, I planned to be good on all my meals, just eat some candy.  I completely forgot that we were going to have a potluck at work for lunch.  I tried to be good, but there was this very sinful looking chocolate cake, I had a sliver.  I did stay away from the pumpkin pie (yum!), but I was at least 900 calories, just for lunch (this is a guess, since I didn't exactly know all that I was eating).  I did eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and I do count those calories, but I do figure that going over calories with fruit and veggies is much better than going over with other things.  I do know that my overage in calories did not stem from overeating on fruit and veggies though. 

Today I am supposed to run, but it is so rainy.  I am already sick of the rain and it just started.  I have 9 more months of it.  =(  I know I just need to run.  If I don't run because it's rainy and cold then I won't run for 9 months . . .

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