Friday, November 2, 2012


There is a trend going around on Facebook right now.  30 days of thankfulness.  You post what you are thankful everyday.  I joined it last night.  I was thinking it was a cool idea, but didn't post anything.  I thought I would just do it here, but then I decided why not do it on FB, so I posted at 11:30pm as I was laying in bed.  =)  Yesterday's thankfulness post was

"Today I'm thankful for Chris.  He works hard for us and still goes walking with me...sometimes. =) He's a great guy and I don't know what I'd do without him."

Today I am thankful for a really great deal.  =)

Chris has a coworker that told him he could get Seahawks jersey's for $25.  These jersey's sell in the store for $250.  We ordered 3.  But he needed 10 orders and he only had 8.  So I told Chris that I would ask at work and then I also asked my family.  Wow!  What a response!  I got 11 orders from work and 4 from my family.  So we are ordering 17 jersey's at $25 a piece, that's $425.  If we got 17 jersey's from the store that would be $4250!!!  That is a great deal!  =)

I typed the beginning of this this morning, but hadn't posted it on facebook yet.  I ended up changing my thankfulness, which I'll talk about in a min.  =)

Yesterday Chris walked with me 1.9 miles and then I ran for 3.75 miles.  Today turned out to be really nice outside, so I went for a 4.5 mile run.  =)  It was nice.  I have noticed that I hate running and always think of stopping right at the beginning of the run.  Since I've noticed that, I just "will" my way till I hit my groove. 

During my run I was listening to my music that is on my phone.  The other day I accidentally hit "play all" instead of one of my running playlists.  I didn't mind too much so I didn't change it.  Well, today I was running and suddenly I hear a baby's voice in my ear.  I forgot that I had recorded Maddox making noises when he was first being vocal and it came on.  It was awesome.  I laughed and smiled through the very short (too short) baby talk audio. 

So my thankfulness that I actually put on FB was

"Today I am thankful baby noises.  =) Today while I was running a recording of Maddox's voice came on instead of a song. I had forgotten I recorded it. It definitely made me smile."

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