Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend

My Thanksgiving went really well.  We ended up with 10 people (including my family of 4 and 2 babies) at my house.  We have never had that many people over at the same time before, especially for dinner, so it was an adventure.  =)  We almost ended up with 11, but that person (who was a last min addition) backed out even more last min.  So that was fine.  We did a lot of cooking and cleaning.  Our house is rather small and our dining room is attached to the living room so we moved the table into the living room in front of the couch and were able to fit everyone around it.  We even had a little extra space.  =)  Anyway, the whole dinner and everything went really well.  I did discover that if we are going to do this type of dinner often, we need some serving bowls and platters.  =)  And some pie things .

Last week at work was kinda crazy and I had very little time at my desk. One of my clients just had a baby, she had to have an emergency c-section and isn't allowed to drive, but because of the program she is in she has a lot of appts that she is not excused from.  She was excused for one week, but is expected to attend most of them.  We (my coworker and I) have tried to cut down on as many appts as we can, but because the program is so strict she still has to go to some.  Anyway, because she can't drive I have been playing taxi for her.  I feel badly because I know what she's going through, but I don't make the rules and I am trying to help her as much as I can.  Anyway, I put 150 miles on my car in 2 days. =/ Thankfully, it was really only this week, and it shouldn't be a recurring thing.

Chris worked Friday, but he got Saturday off so that we can go to his mom's house.  This is the first time that we have ever been invited to his mom's house for any type of holiday.  We have invited her to our house, but she never comes and Chris quit inviting her all together.  One of his brother's is in the Army and is being sent to California this Saturday, so Chris's mom decided to get her boys together before he left.  His other brother has a 3 year old boy, who he has full custody of.  I was the only significant other there, but at least Maddox had someone to play with.  =)  I think Chris had a good time.  I got a little bored because but overall it was a good day.
Chris and his brothers
My Mom gave me my Grandma's antique table awhile ago.  We've only extended it once or twice since having it and only for about 1 leaf or maybe 2.  Thanksgiving day since we had more people here than we've ever had before, we pulled it out farther.  Chris was pulling and pulling and suddenly something fell out of the bottom.  We were scare at first that we broke something and then looked down and noticed it had legs on the ends that come down when it gets pulled out so far.  =)  We looked and sure enough, there were legs on the other side too.  =)  We just laughed because we've had the table for 4 or so years now and never knew there were legs there.  =)  We only put 3 leaves in it, we think there's at least one more, but we couldn't find it, and if I remember right, it was warped when we got it.  I think, if we had more leaves, we could extend it quite far.  I really love the table, and I love it even more now that I know about the legs.  It is a really nice table but is kinda worn. I wish I could afford to have it restored, I would be afraid to do it myself and not have it done professionally.  I wish we had chairs.  =)

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