Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Active kid

I meant to post the FMM post yesterday evening, but my normal laziness prevented me from getting on my computer at home.  I even had it mostly typed up.  All I needed to do was get on and write my thankfulness for the day and hit post.  =/  Oh well, now you get 2 posts today instead of yesterday.

Damian is a very active boy.  I'm sure I've mentioned it, but he plays a lot of sports.  He's played baseball since he was 5 and soccer from 6 yrs old to 12.  (For some reason last year he decided to stop soccer, which is sad because I like it a lot better than baseball, but he loves baseball.)  He's been doing gymnastics for 4 years and last year he started basketball and wrestling.  He wanted to do football this year, but we didn't hear about the sign-ups in time, and he was visiting my parents in eastern WA for the first of the season.

He's in the blue.
Needless to say, he's very fit.  However, he hasn't been doing much cardio for months now.  Gymnastics is good for muscles, but there's not much endurance or cardio type stuff in it.  Basketball starts at the end of this month.  I played basketball too (it was my all time favorite sport to play when I was younger).  I also played volleyball in the fall, and I remember going from a lazy summer to having to sports in the fall and always being so out of shape.  The first few weeks of practices were horrible.  So in order to prevent some of that with Damian I told him he needed to start running with me a few times a week.

Yesterday I got home and we went for a run immediately.  (I really hate the time change, it was already getting dark by 4pm, I don't know what I'm going to do in a few weeks when it's full on dark at that time.)  Anyway, he only did a mile.  We had to take the jogging stroller because Chris wasn't home yet. He turned around when I told him we had reached half a mile and I made him take Maddox back to the house.  He had to run with the jogging stroller up the hill to get home (I planned that well).  =)  I continued down the trail and decided to go a different way.  I have to say, other than the horrible hill which I walked half of on that route, it was a pretty nice route.  After I got up the hill I was thinking how much I hated the run, but then I was thinking that the rest of the way was all downhill.  Then I thought "I bet when I get home I will love this route."  I always love the routes that take me downhill on the way home.  =)  It ended up being 4.5 miles, which is perfect for me right now.

 By the time I got home it was dark.  I was not wearing light clothes, I had on a purple shirt and black capri's.  I don't even own a light colored shirt.  So I think I need to go to the running store this week and get a reflector vest.  I am not looking forward to running in the dark.  I have the pepper spray I bought a while ago, but I didn't think it would be as dark as it was when I took off, so I didn't grab it.  I did stay on busy roads with street lights, other than the first mile which was on the bike trail, but it was still light out when I was on that part. 

"Today I'm thankful for Zumba!"

Yep, it's zumba night!  =)

I have never liked avocados, however, since Maddox was born and reading all the benefits of avocados, I have been feeding them to him.  And recently I started eating a few bites myself (only with a little salt).  Well, I'm starting to really like them.  Today there was half an avocado in the fridge from Maddox's snack yesterday, so I decided to give it to Maddox and eat some of it for breakfast.  For whatever reason, he wasn't interested much today (he usually loves them) so I ended up eating most of it.  Now I'm craving another one.  How strange is that?  I guess there are worse things to crave.  =)  Here are a few sites to review. =)

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